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One Year Ago: Adam Lambert in New Orleans, LA

September 12, 2011

by Juneau, co-author of the book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

Here’s a re-post of our September 12, 2010 live blog from the Big Easy. New Orleans has such a seriously fabulous gay scene – we knew this would be a show to remember!!

Twitter list for tonight’s concert

Glam Nation is descending tonight on the 2,243-seat Mahalia Jackson Theater.


@adamlambert New Orleans! You do the Voodoo I love so well!


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Meet and Greet Photos are here



TwitVid of Adam ripping off Tommy’s mask and kissing him…

TwitVid of Adam during Tommy intro

Thank you again to the AMAZING Suz526 for these videos!

Voodoo, Down the Rabbit Hole, Ring of Fire



Whataya Want From Me



Sure Fire Winners


Music Again

If I Had You

20th Century Boy



JeniChua ‘Morning NOLA! Brace yerselves for a SHOW tonight!!! Glampires will be in the house…….xxx

TerranceDlibra In the French Quarters with the gang. About to eat a Louisiana omelette YUM! #adamlambert NOLA is HOTTT

isweedan Love new merch tonight 75$ hoodie, teal rings around bottom of sleeves & torso & hood lightning bolt x-ing whole torso!

vic_righthand Getting ready to head out. Ahh so excited for tonight! Its gonna be a crazy show! I’m sporting my new mask too!!

HannaBec We r just getting in the line 4 the M&G. We r being herded like cows through the halls.

isweedan Glamnation events are totaly such a spectator sport even with the concert no having started yet. So many interestin ppl!

isweedan Needs more boys though.

ravengirl57 Adam is right in front of me!

ravengirl57 Adam HERE. Dying.

freyja528 We’re in!! Yay!

GoChrissyGo Lol is this army guy standing by the door some kind of security or he’s here for adam? Lol

GlamPimpLinda Just met suz

linernoire The security guy did not want to let me into the m&g thus Neil had to force him to let me in

linernoire Adam was made up (no glitter yet) so a little more intimidating. had convo w/Lane about glitter

isweedan Ooooh yay! I see some more boys now.

isweedan Boa count so far…. Four? Five? Therabouts anyway.

ravengirl57 So as promised I can now report that shaved hair has grown back nicely. #adamlambert

jadedoptimist A f*ckin fabulous man just strutted to his seat. 😀

zorabet Guy in army uniform going in for mg&g. amazing.

Merrycello Immerman in eye of Horus shirt. Hot!

monalee62 Liz and David on stage

GlamorousTaz OMG, I want this boy NOW! HOLY CRAP! He’s 5 seats away from me!!

Merrycello We’ve decided immerman’s ass must be named

HannaBec I 4got 2 ask 4 a hug. I’m a loser. It was so crowded & un comfortable. But he’s adorable.


Merrycello Alli on

Merrycello Ali in green mask!

LetmeseeyaSTRUT Crowd is standing for Allison!!

Mitla96 OzmG, I turned my head and sniffed him! In the armpit!

HannaBec I toldhim I’m 1 of his TALC ladies & he said I love TALC.

GoChrissyGo Oh hi boys in only leather vests & mohawks =) get it girls lol

HannaBec Security just told the person in front of me that she can’t record, just take pics.

GlamorousTaz Alli is KILLING IT! @allisoniraheta You definitely made a new fan tonight!

HannaBec @negativeneil remember u promised 2 photoshop the bags out from under my eyes in the M&G pic. 😉

finnistar Tears from Alli during scars. She’s so good.

Shadow_505 LMAO!! Alli read someone’s shirt…”Adam’s Bitch…oh that’s nice.”

Shadow_505 I can hear @santabillie screaming…LOL

jadedoptimist Well hello Drake.

HannaBec Drake just walked in. His mom was waiting 4 a M&G.

heThespianGuy Says Allison Iraheta Just Rocked The Show… Adam Lambert Next!!! GLAM NATION!!!!

carleton97 seriously, everyone behind us, this is a rock concert. This venue being a sitdown theater doesn’t change that.

heartcanttakeit They are playing @katyperry Peacock during wait! ❤

Merrycello Some epic dudes in high leather heel boots and Mohawks here

nolaglitter Lots of intererting outfits twinks tophats colored wigs

Shadow_505 Intermission was fun until got run out of the aisle. Meh

vistadiva Dance party starting

GoChrissyGo Now they’re playin don’t stop the music *cue entire crowd singing* lmao

vistadiva Prime real estate…cute boi next to me..lookie here Adam!

TheThespianGuy Says The Mahalia Jackson Theatre Audience Singing “Don’t Stop Believing” Was Pretty Epic!!! Glam Nation Baby!!!

SashaMallory Wooo we’re ready!!! 😉

Merrycello Some srs dirty dancing in pit LOL

letspinkieswear Oh my god, all the Glamberts are doing the Single Ladies dance! Get it, New Orleans!

jadedoptimist Event staff is doing the Single Ladies dance. Love it!


ravengirl57 Haha! Guy has big sign with his phone # on it. He’s dancing w the ladies in the balcony. Now playing MJ’s Beat It. Adam Lambert

Merrycello Lady in balcony getting wild cheers for hot dance. OMG I love this show!

gradam1 LMAO older guy w/beerbelly dressed in Adam wig

Merrycello Paparazzi now. Bad romance would be better

Merrycello But Adam usually dresses like Mardi gras so is he gonna up the Mardi?

zorabet Guards say biggest crowd ever.

angelraj i’m sitting next to drake labry. he was so nice. omfg what a day!!!

BrittLovesJen Adams on!!!

luv_life_u_live Omg but the nbest part was that there was a soldier in uniform in line for the mNg and he was so nervous! They give them free tix and passes!

LetmeseeyaSTRUT They’re all wearing masks, nice!!!!!

RadarEcho: How can Adam Lambert do that show over 70 times and each one looks like the first time you saw #adamlambert live? Amazing!

badgercentral Adam ripped mask of Tommy and kissed him

Merrycello Crazy ass crotch thrusts to audience throughout

jadedoptimist Monte being epic again on Sleepwalker. Adam’s on fire tonight!

ravengirl57 NOLA inspires him, Adam Lambert said. Us too!

jadedoptimist Aww the fantastic guys with the mohawks belting out Aftermath. 🙂

fiarra beautiful vocal run in aftermath. OMG

zorabet Plz observe me sobbing through afterrmath

Merrycello I love watching Adams adorbs toes curling during aftermath ❤

Merrycello Adam did cute chest shake in rhythm to montes guitar in aftermath

luv_life_u_live Omg! This show is so emotional and this is the best I’ve ever heard him!

GoChrissyGo Did adam just pop his booty!!!!!!!!!! *drops dead*

malt_berg Oh Adam, how do you do a ridiculously hot move & then laugh at yourself after ❤

jadedoptimist Tommy draping himself on Adam during Music Again.

GoChrissyGo Adam called out the 3 mohawk guys to come down to the stage woooooooo he’s gettin some tonight!

jadedoptimist Tommy and Terrance playing around during IIHY. Adorable.

GoChrissyGo Yessssssssssssssssssss @ brooke & adam popping it! Lmao adam said they pop each other on bus everynight *dead*

Merrycello OMG bent down low to first row and thought he would kiss someone for sfw

monalee62 Life is a party at a adam lambert concert

letspinkieswear TOMMY CAME OUT IN A PINK BOA!!

GoChrissyGo 20 centuryyy boyyyy

LetmeseeyaSTRUT And done……see ya on Bourbon Street, hell ya!!

letspinkieswear Damn, I need a cigarette after that shit. Adam, baby, was it as good for you as it was for me?

nolaglitter He said see u on borbon

Merrycello He was eye f*cking and pointing to pit throughout

catcherofdreamz all things in life should end on the ground in front of monte

AllisonIraheta F*ck yes GAGA!!! Get it!!

shutterbug1617 And oh yeah AWESOME show. He was ON FIRE vocally tonight. So many extra riffs. Seemed really happy& pleased by crowd.

Suz526 Hi y’all suz nd rolsndo joading in a bar on bourbon st-aint sayim where

Hatshepsutely ROCK STAR. RT @adamsheroin HOTTTTT

Suz526 So, this is pretty surreal – at a bar on bourbon street, making AL movies, will begin uploading shortly – enjoying the views 🙂

Suz526 The pretty boys have arrivd! (the ones AL called out at the show!

Shadow_505 Dancing to IIHY..

SashaMallory Celebrating a beautiful night here in New Orleans … Wooo lave ❤

GoChrissyGo: Saw Ada mmmmm he’s across the street @ a bar @ oz omgggggggg flailllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

LucyJ629 so we went to Oz and Adam was dancine on the dance floor with everyone…gettin us all riled up while IIHY was playing

fiarra They closed down the oz bar with fever 🙂 we danced and sang. This was after afl called @rach_eva baby and kissed her cheek

ravengirl57 When Adam was walking over from other bar, he led this entourage, like the pied piper, filling up our bar, which had started to quiet down.

@rach_eva Okay, so he was leaving & I said his name & he looked at me & I reached out my hand to him & he grabbed it and said, “did you have a good time baby?” and I kinda reached toward him and we exchanged kisses on the cheek. And basically he’s perfect and I love life.

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  1. Diane Y. Rauber permalink
    September 12, 2011 6:33 pm

    “Those were the days, my friend …!”

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