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Adam Lambert – “The Man Behind the Music” Radio Series

August 29, 2011

While VH1’s “Behind the Music” covered Adam’s life and experience and how they led to his current success, it shed little light on his talents, his character and how these attributes can’t be ignored in an in-depth investigation.

We of course, will boldly go where angels fear to tread, to mix a couple of metaphors.  Many fans expressed their disappointment that more was not made of Adam’s unique abilities and personal traits to enlighten the audience more deeply.  Well, we’re picking up where the others left off.

Beginning August 31st, we are launching a series of radio shows for the Adam Lambert fan or even those who are Adam Lambert curious.  It’s for those who desire and need more discussion about this man who has captured our hearts and imaginations.  We are inviting special guests to tackle a number of aspects with us and you.  Here are our first two guests:

 Adam Lambert – Music and Spirituality

August 31, 2011

 A popular guest on our show, Thea Washington will join us to discuss how spirituality informs inspiration, creativity and the creative process.  What is the source?  Does a sense of spirituality affect the character and values of the artist and carry through to their art and life? Join the discussion in the chat room or call-in!

 Adam Lambert- From Boy Performer to Adult Artist

September 7, 2011

10 to 11 pm EDT

Listen Live

 Our effervescent voice and music expert and friend, Angelina Kalahari will be our guest to talk about the changes Angelina has witnessed in Adam from his boyhood to the present.  You’ve seen all the videos, let’s talk about them.

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  1. August 29, 2011 9:37 pm

    great line up of guest

  2. August 29, 2011 10:51 pm

    Not too long ago I sent Angelina a comment about Adam and asked her the dreaded question: have you listened to Adam sing Light Falls Away? Because she is a professional singer I wanted to know her opinion of his deeper register and the soul he expressed in this song. I realize that there are those who’d rather this album (Take One) would go away but the fact remains that the man who we deeply love for so many reasons is singing on it. This is part of his history and I can’t imagine him demanding that we don’t listen to it. How many artists have lent their voices to other peoples music, album, whatever as backround singers and don’t even get a shout out. So the producers of this album are trying to make a buck off his talent. Doesn’t mean we should shut out his early performances because of it. I would listen to anything that he sings and in my personal opinion, his voice in Light Falls Away is so poignant and pleading it makes me cry. I’ve been wanting to share that with my fellow Glamberts but have been ignored when I have mentioned this subject before. Just saying.

  3. glamity58 permalink
    August 29, 2011 11:31 pm

    To wismiss3: I purchased many of the songs from his Take One record on iTunes before I realized he supposedly wouldn’t like it. I did like some of the songs, but don’t recall downloading Light Falls away. I guess I’ll have to go and buy that one right now. Have you seen his following works on you tube: Come to Me Bend to Me (opera-like); Heaven on Their Minds, and What’s Going On? Check them out. Also, Come Home. We’d be here all day talking about songs if we had the time. I hope the album is great.

    To Xena or Juneau: How do I get on the radio show? I’m new at this.

    • August 30, 2011 11:50 pm

      I have trolled so many sites my fingers are shaped like the indentations on the keyes. Yes, I have seen Brigadoon (I send many people there to hear the quality of his voice). I visit Crazy frequently, mainly before I retire for the night…:)..:)! I love Zodiac show and especially A Change Is Gonna Come pre idol. I love Ring of Fire (wish it was longer). By the way, Light Falls Away’s beginning lyric is Goodbye, my friend, singular. So many download sites show the lyric to be plural. Doesn’t make sense, if you listen to the whole song. Thanks for answering!!!

  4. glamity58 permalink
    August 29, 2011 11:33 pm

    How do I listen to the radio show? I’ve heard it on-line afterwards, but I’d like to hear it live.


  5. August 29, 2011 11:45 pm

    Hi glamity58, I will post the link to take you directly to the show. It’s located on Blogtalk radio online and streams live from 10 to 11 pm eastern time. After that, it’s available as a podcast. I am in the process of setting it up now! Just chatted with Thea, Wednesday night’s guest, about the show. The conversation lasted two hours! We will play music as part of the show.


  6. September 3, 2011 1:32 am

    Hello Xena, I hope this is where ya meant bout me postin’ my questions? It was fun to hear the show with Thea live. I listened on my phone to ask a question but maybe I didn’t “press 1” correctly, or ya’ll just ran outta time. No prob. Anyhow, I’m captivated by the idea of creativity bein’ like a force of nature in all of us, connectin’ us in a way. Our individual talents manifest it in diff ways, natch, but they’re connected by it all the same. Adam sings. I write poetry & essays. Someone else cooks, another person paints, draws, or takes beautiful photos. It’s all a creative drive we share to express ourselves.

    Sometimes, when I write a poem or essay, someone I’ve never met tells me how it touched ’em, how it was like I read their heart, mind, or soul to write their thoughts, their pain, & feelin’s. It both humblin’ & very healin’ to me to hear that, too. Music, songs, of ppl like Adam Lambert, Cassidy Haley, Immogen Heap, & so many others touch me the same way. Cassidy’s songs “Burn” & “Fly” are like he reached in, pulled my heart out, read it, shoved it back, & wrote those lyrics. But they aren’t my story, my pain – they’re his. Weird, right?

    We talked (with Juneau as well) when I was on yer show before bout how Adam’s song “Broken Open” affected me; it literally saved my life. I’m bipolar as ya know, & sometimes I get audio hallucinations (hearin’ voices). When I heard that song in that moment, it didn’t register as “Oh, I’m hearin’ a song.” He was just suddenly speakin’ to me, tellin’ me the message of the lyrics in the form of a song. Some folks are gonna thnk I’m bat-crazy, & yeah, prob am, what with a legit mental illness & all. But that was my experience at the time. Adam’s words, his voice, his message – made me decide to keep fightin’ & not give up. He said it was safe to be so broken, it didn’t mean I had to die because I was broken; I was safe to “break into him”.

    Now obvs, I kno I’m not cosmically plugged into another person’s brain, aura, whatevs. I kno Adam wasn’t talkin’ literally to me; it was a song played on my boyfriend’s computer. Adam doesn’t kno I exist, most likely, & had no clue I needed that message in that moment. But the message itself was still delivered.

    I thnk maybe these songs, poems, photos, paintin’s, etc. are like “messages in a bottle”. They are created at another time, “stored” in whatever way (on a blog, a CD, in a portfolio) & then discovered or stumbled across later in an odd moment of need. This happens at miles of distance, between ppl who don’t kno the receiver of the message even exists, but their message still reaches that person, it still helps ’em.

    So my question, which may be partially rhetorical, but still open for discussion, is this: What is this phenomenon that creates this “spiritual creative connection”? I find it a fascinatin’ concept, but I admit I’m kinda stumped.

    Opinions? Observations? Theories?

    Thnx for listenin’ to my Tolstoy explanation of a question, too… Maybe I shoulda warned ya to pack a lunch before ya started readin’ this? 🙂 I thnk I’ll ponder this on my blog, too, see if anybody over there has a theory.

    Xena, & Juneau, thnx again for doin’ this show series discussion of Adam. G’night for now…

    – W.R.R.

    • September 3, 2011 2:40 am

      Tepes, listening to your story on our radio show revealed to us how much courage you have, becoming yourself the inspiration for others to know that “broken” does not mean “of no value”.

      We are delighted that so many people such as you, have joined our Salon to ponder and discuss some of the more esoteric topics that interest us and sometimes prove beneficial to others.

      We recommend anyone who has not heard the radio show “Broken Open- One Man’s Troubled Life and Salvation”, should. You will gain enormous respect for this brave and spiritual man.


    • annehedonia permalink
      September 3, 2011 12:24 pm

      As of yet, I haven’t had a chance to hear the radio show in question, famously technically challenged/ lazy as I am. But I was excited when the topic was announced, and will make a point of listening when I can.

      There is a clinical term for auditory hallucination as it is sometimes connected with mental illness – and of course it escapes my recall now. Can’t find it online either (see ‘technically challenged/ lazy’, above). But I don’t believe that what you have experienced, Tepes, originates in that process. This is a matter to which I’ve given considerable thought, having experienced it myself. I have a tendency toward ‘depressive’, but have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, nor do I consider myself to suffer with anything major (ok – I hear you challenging that, but…weirdness excepted).

      I agree with your idea, believing that something in the nature of an ‘energetic superhighway’ exists – invisible, unknown in everyday waking experience. But when something is there of deep significance and meaning for you when it’s most needed – and has been expressed by an artist or performer, coming deep from their own experience, I believe the commonality of can and does
      unite souls regardless of time or distance, both irrelevant in such matters. It’s a wondrous thing, miraculous and filled with grace.

      I would hope I’m not saying too much in revealing that Tepes and I shared a similar experience with encouraging and life-affirming “messages” received through an Olympic performer years ago. It’s how we became acquainted. That message of hope reached me at a time shortly after my mother, with whom I’d been involved for years in a care-giving role, had died. My time with her became something of a death-march as well, and ‘hearing’ the message of encouragement was such a powerful, meaningful gift. Later, I received another gift – in some way by means of appreciating Adam – of writing poetry. These are the only two instances of what we’re specifically referring to in this discussion I’ve had. But there have been other related ‘phenomena’ in my life. I don’t doubt for an instant the reality of them, or their nature as a gift, or my sanity!

      Lately, I’ve written little. There are times when we all get side-tracked from the energetic superhighway, the path. But I will get back on track, perhaps a hitchhiker at first – perhaps a conductor of a high-speed rail transport at last! (Dream on! ;o) )

      p.s.: kindly forgive any type-o’s. This has been written on a BlackBerry – tiny… minuscule.

  7. annehedonia permalink
    September 3, 2011 2:46 pm

    Let’s try this again ~ I just spent the last reply saying I’d experienced this phenomenon, but I didn’t posit a theory as to why.

    There are such things as the laws of magic. In more modern, friendly terminology, the laws of how energy moves. These unseen things and the knowledge of them has, I would think, always been the birthright of humanity, and had surely been better understood at one time by our ancestors – and always carried forward by at least a few. It would seem that an understanding of the existence of these principles is once again surfacing at a time when we really need it. It may be, too, that some of the basic principles are borne out by quantum physics, etc. At some point, everything is energy – energy and matter are one and the same, etc.

    Probably the most basic of these laws is that like seeks out or creates or “vibrates with” like.
    That may also explain how empathy works… And the fact that empathy exists may explain, along with the fact that time doesn’t really exist (that, according to Einstein), how people can have prescient ability.

    Then, there’s also the idea that we are all one – in fact, not just a nice saying. Separation is illusion and our connectedness is real.

    Put all that together, stir well, and suddenly, many things are possible – and I believe, absolutely real.

  8. Anjalee336 permalink
    September 6, 2011 9:31 pm

    Xena and Thea

    I really enjoyed your conversation on Adam and spirituality. I am very drawn to his spiritual presence. He has a quality of presence which i think is very rare in the world of mass entertainment. Mostly people with anything near his level of evolution, have in the past, found themselves in other vocations and jobs. But i think it was very important for our world to have him emerge in musicland. I love that he is inspiring sooo many people to dig deeper or relax more into themselves, and express themselves more.

    Adam also shows us a new emphasis in spiritual practice – the celebration of beauty, the point in the trinity of goodness, truth and beauty that has in many ways been much less emphasised in many spiritual traditions – at least in its deeper and more spontaneous forms. I think this is also related to celebrating sexuality and sensuality. He does that, and I love that. Its a more holistic approach to the spiritual, it combines masculine and feminine energies, heaven and earth. Love it!


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