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Twitter Party! August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011

Despite his protestations to the contrary, we’re convinced Adam was lurking just enough to figure out that Juneau started her vacation in earnest last night and had decided to hit the sack before midnight. The coast was clear. Time for a Twitter party! Highlights: No rap, first single may drop in about 8 weeks, no album release date yet, he may try the juice cleanse for longer next time, he sings the True Blood theme song to Sauli, and he and Tommy are JUST FRIENDS. And how about replacing “Glambert” with “Outlaws of Lambert”?

milestougeaux: Passion is concrete Obligation creates cracks Dreams are coats of paint

@adamlambert: @milestougeaux OH it was a haiku. Duh. #deletes dumb tweet

adamlambert: Ladies and Gentlemen: the new album is sounding amaaaazing! I promise it’s worth the wait!!

Q from jmezzabarba: does it sound like jewel or more like Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat?

A: @jmezzabarba haha neither, dork

Q from ciscoboofenty: When is the first single out boo? I thought you said end of summer? Can we expect it soon? I CAN’T WAIT.

A: @ciscoboofenty not yet… Prob about 8 weeks

Q from Glamnurse4Adam: So how many songs are you going to have on there?

A: @Glamnurse4Adam 12 songs, and a deluxe version w more.

Q from Virgo_Angel0: Can’t wait to hear it, I’m sure it will be fantastic! You must be having an amazing time making it!!

A: @Virgo_Angel02 I have had the most amazing time working on it! I’ve learned so much about writing and about myself! Been obsessing for 5 mo.

Q from Lidbud: Can we have a hint as to the release date???

A: @Lidbud release date is not yet set… It has to be perfect for all of you, so I’m taking my time. 🙂

Q from vic_lefthand victoria: are you only tweeting now cuz you’re finally back to real food? Worried your crankiness might’ve shown on twitter? Lol

A: @vic_lefthand haha the cleanse was not so bad after the first day. 🙂 I want to try it longer next time.

Q from onichuiam: adam adam adam adaaam!!is it true the album is coming out on 4th of november or just a rumour??

A: @onichuiam rumor.

A: @onichuiam but I hope to have a single out by then. 🙂

Q from glamluver: Can you share another lyric with us? Please? 😀

A: @glamluver “one day I was trippin, that’s when I could see, that the ether that I tapped into could be reality”

Q from ADOMMY: is there a song about Tommy? Sorry had to ask 😉

A: @ADOMMY haha omg let it go already!! Always been FRIENDS.


A: @pierogiee no rapping. Not one o my skills.

Q from Misty_Glambert: What’s one word to describe the last song you worked on? 🙂

A: @Misty_Glambert major

Q from saraplusadam: title for the second album, by chance? or a hint? so we can call it by it’s name rather than 2nd album or sophomore album?

A: @saraplusadam patience my friend!

Q from malysam: U’re Master Lurkbert rn, aren’t u? Hey, if we’re only getting a new single in 8 wks, then don’t be a stranger on twitter, k? 🙂

A: @malysam I’m working hard!! Hah

Q from citygirl36: wanna b rapper RT @peacefrogdesign: @adamlambert Lies, if you don’t rap then what are the hammer pants for hmmmm?

A: @citygirl36 @peacefrogdesign HAREM not HAMMER. LOL

Q from cwm122: So excited for your new music!! Have you done the album cover photo shoot yet?

A: @cwm122 not yet…

Q from MJHardyBritt : So are we still ‘glamberts’ or are we ‘adam’s outlaws’ now? we’re a pretty powerful group of fans…outlaws works ha! 😉

A: @MJHardyBritt mmmnmm OUTLAWS OF LAMBERT has a a nice ring to it. Lol

Q from AlexAesthetic: If you could describe the new album in 3 words, what would they be? 🙂

A: @AlexAesthetic personal, modern, next.

Q from GrayBooWho Gray: Whatever happened to those hold YSL boots you wanted?

A: @GrayBooWho hHa oh I got a few pair!! 🙂

Q from elysenzglambert: what are the themes of the album?

A: @elysenzglambert the album deals with the highs and the lows and the ins and the outs of my real life.

Q from AmyLambert100:  so would you say this album is overall more personal to you ?

A: @AmyLambert100 yup

Q from Dana80Bz: you have a fake life 😉 ?

A: @Dana80Bz haha that not what I meant… The album will let you all in further than ever. Real shit. Real life. Not all the glossy facade…

A; @dana80bz But part of my life is crazy, insane fun. Part of it can get dark. There are songs about both. 🙂

Q from xIIHY4lyfx: Do you like the True Blood theme song ?

A: @xIIHY4lyfx haha yes! I always song along real silly for Sauli and he thinks it’s funny.

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  1. August 26, 2011 8:20 am

    aghh! I missed it too, but thanks for the quick recap. Outlaws of Lambert….what do I do with my glambert number then? 🙂 I’ll have to get a new one I guess.

  2. August 26, 2011 4:17 pm

    Every time I decide to go to sleep, Adam decides to have a Twitter party – major bummer – oh well! But thanks a million to the both of you for giving us sleepy – heads all the details here! Maybe I’ll be awake for the next one?!

  3. August 26, 2011 11:59 pm

    i alway miss the good parties but i know where to come for updates so thank you

  4. August 27, 2011 2:25 am

    Adam, You are always better
    I wish you a wonderful time

  5. leah222222 permalink
    August 27, 2011 2:29 am

    I feel destined to miss all Twitter parties. You’re awesome for posting the flashback.

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