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Adam Lambert’s Music Again

August 16, 2011

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16 August 2011

 By Xena

When Adam sang and danced so deftly into our hearts and souls, we exclaimed “Adam has brought music back into our lives”!  Two and a half years on, we’ve now memorized his Idol performances, his pre-idol music, Idol Tour songs, “For Your Entertainment” album, bonus tracks, an acoustic EP and GNT Live album along with any snippet on YouTube or some obscure corner of the internet.  All of which makes up a decent playlist.

 When Adam sang “Music Again”, did he mean only his music?  Here we are impatiently badgering and clamoring for a new album of music from him, with a world of music available at our fingertips to keep us entertained while we wait. And the demands! It has to have lots of songs, love songs, dance songs, sad and happy music and let’s not forget we expected him to listen to our criticisms, demands and requests.  We want it now, not when he thinks he has emptied his heart and soul into his art, not when he has so many songs from which to choose he feels comfortable making his selection of the best of the best for us.

Do you take Adam’s word when he recommends an artist, we check out his favourites, his tweets?  He has bestowed a plethora of new artists upon us in a range of genres and styles. The “Adam Lambert Playlist” is eclectic and we have discovered music we otherwise would not have considered, let alone found!  Did you follow up on Adam’s Twitter musical musings?

So instead of  hassling Adam for his music, let’s be thankful not just for his music, but for all the Music he brought to us Again.  He knows we’ll be there, pre-ordering when he’s ready to publish his new album.


Juneau & Xena’s Radio Show

Music Again Series

To pay tribute to Adam, let’s expand our musical universe with music, past, present and future! You are invited to join us on a treasure hunt for some of the gems, some familiar, others new to us. Premiering this Wednesday night, we are welcoming Guest DJ’s to play some of their favourite music for us.  We have confirmed Toronto based veteran broadcaster Spider Jones for Wed. August 17th and coming up, radio show hosts Rich Appel and Lisa “Chloe” Gold are booked too.  

Let’s also listen to the music Adam has recommended to us.  Did you follow his advice and check out his favourites? What did you think?  We would like to know your recommendations from Adam’s Playlist, so  please post them here and we’ll play them.  We’ll share our favourites too.

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  1. Hannasmind permalink
    August 18, 2011 2:51 am

    Music had sort of faded away from my life and I had forgotten what a great joy it used to be for me. I seriously needed a wake-up call named Adam! I dived not just into his music but pretty much “all” music and what makes me so happy now in the midst of the everyday life, I went and bought myself a piano and started playing it again (which I hadn’t done since my teen years)! So, definitely, there’s been much more Music Again in my life and I think I’m a happier person because of it!

  2. Diane Y. Rauber permalink
    August 18, 2011 5:54 pm

    … no new music, but when I read that he liked “True Blood” I staretd watching it & now it’s one of my favorite shows!

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