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Barn this way – Monte Pittman rocks New England

July 20, 2011

Sunday’s New England barn concert with Monte Pittman and Charlie Christos exceeded all expectations. Rarely does one have the opportunity to experience music in such an intimate and unique setting. The acoustic guitar playing and vocals from two extraordinarily talented musicians delivered a raw immediacy and subtle display of musicianship that kept the audience of around 70 fans and friends transfixed for over 90 minutes despite the wine and humid heat.

Charlie Christos launched the evening with songs from his second album, Widow’s Gun. He entertained the audience with his self-deprecating humor and won new fans with his sensitive playing and darkly philosophical lyrics. Monte kicked off his set with several songs from his new album “Pain, Love & Destiny”, and then played many songs from “The Deepest Dark”, including a fresh arrangement of ‘Rain is Falling’ (just for this event! Awww…) Fans from as far away as New Zealand tuned in to the live stream, which was praised for its high acoustic quality. (Kudos to Juneau’s 13-year-old daughter for setting that up. We bow before the technological prowess of the new generation.) The event closed with a special “Happy Birthday” sung to 15-year-old @Social_Glambert, who had originally tweeted us with the idea of rallying New England fans to meet the Kickstarter challenge. (And how could we possibly help but set out to grant this wish by Monte’s biggest fan?) The event raised nearly $1,000 for Little Kids Rock! Our hearts are full.

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Here is a complete set of videos posted by @Social_Glambert. Start with the first and it will automatically play through the entire set.

Monday 18th July 2011, @Social_Glambert said: @Monterrific Hey! 🙂 Thank you so much for everything! I can’t even explain how much it meant to me. Thank you for listening to everything that I had to say. I appreciate it so much. Also, thank you so much for dedicating “Under the Same Sun” to me and for singing “Happy Birthday.” I am so grateful for everything. Lastly, thank you for being YOU. ❤

HD Audio from live Ustream – Charlie Christos’s Set

Widow’s Gun  


Had to Write 

Belly of a Whale 

Half of That 

HD Audio from live Ustream – Monte Pittman’s Set




Close Your Eyes 

The Circle 

Rain is Falling 

Somewhere in the Middle

Colors Wash Away 

Murdered Race/ Once Again 

Through the Breezes 

Deepest Dark 

Under the Same Sun 

Out of the Black 

Burn Down the Garden

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  1. buffy522 permalink
    July 20, 2011 10:16 am

    thanks for all the pictures and stories. I’m sure there are more stories. This just shows what regular people (not the “powers”) can do with determination and hard work. Looks like a perfect setting and crowd. Music as we love it.

  2. July 20, 2011 7:10 pm

    what a wonderful story. thank you

  3. July 23, 2011 2:21 pm

    How can I even begin to express my thanks to you and Kath for giving us one of the most amazing experiences? The whole afternoon and evening were phenomenal! Monte was just awesome! He is so friendly, humble, gracious and down-to-earth — just like everyone to whom we’ve been introduced through Adam. The acoustic concert was amazing beyond description! To be able to be in such an intimate environment with one of the greatest guitarists playing for us — it was just totally awesome! It was everything I had hoped it would be and even more. The fact that Monte took time with each of us afterward to talk and take pictures and sign autographs speaks volumes to the kind of special guy he is! My husband and I are very grateful we had the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime event. We were able to see Monte play and my husband, who is a guitarist, talked with Monte several times about guitars, guitar playing and techniques. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and we are very appreciative. We haven’t stopped talking about it! It was also great to see so many of our Glambert friends there. The circle continues to grow!

    You were so wonderful for opening up your house to all of us and hosting such a fantastic event. You have a beautiful home and a lovely family. It is such a unique setting that helped make the whole evening that much more special. The acoustics in your barn were excellent for this event. Having all of the Monte merchandise available was an added bonus! (I am wearing my Monte shirt as I write this to you.) Thank you for making this all possible.

    It also was wonderful being introduced to the music of Charlie Christos — another great and talented musician. He has a beautiful voice and is an excellent guitarist. The perfect opening act! I hope we will hear more from and about him in the future.

    It will be very special when “Pain, Love and Destiny” is released since we will know that in a small way we were instrumental in making it happen. The fact that Little Kids Rock also benefited from our evening with Monte makes the whole event even that much more meaningful.

    We will be talking about last Sunday night for years to come. Thank you again for everything! You are one amazing person!

    • July 23, 2011 4:06 pm

      Awww, thank you so much, especially for sharing your observations about how Monte shared of himself so much during the event. He’s a special person. Definitely one of the more gratifying experiences of my life, in no small part because of this warm, generous community of fans! xoxox J

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