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Monte Pittman & band in Chicago and Cleveland

June 12, 2011

Monte Pittman fulfilled two Kickstarter house party pledges by playing to fans in Chicago and Cleveland this weekend. The fans were able to raise enough to fly out the entire band – Tommy, Warren and Xander. On June 10, the band blew the roof off  The Spot in Chicago. The following night they packed the fans in at the House of Blues in Cleveland. We so jealous!

We’ll update this post as more photos and, we hope, video, come in

Listen to our podcast, recorded live at noon EST Sunday, June 12,  to hear from the fans who were there, and from Monte too!!



TALCVids – Monte Pittman at House of Blues in Cleveland (HD Vids of entire set!!)

Soundcheck in Chicago – thanks 4Adam4Life

“Definitely” in Cleveland (with mini-Tommy) – thanks 4Adam4Life




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Chicago photos from:

Cleveland photos from:



Chicago House party Twitter list

Runxandersmith About to play. Get ready @Monterrific

Runxandersmith: thanks for picking us up at airport. U rule @rachel_hoffman

KellyStanaj Oooohhhhhhh @Monterrific just walked on stage! WOOOOO!!! & @TommyJoeRatliff’s hair is extra poufy 2n ;P

Glampira This is so much fun! Monte’s makin us all laugh. The guys are great & really rockin!

shutterbug1617 \o/ @Monterrific’s playing stuff off the new album! Sounds great, guys!

jfk_lenorahill Playing my favorite song RN. Rain is Falling.

christy0907 Monte is singing Hey Tommy Joe by Hendrix. OMG

christy0907 Tommy boots. Gotta have this pic.

KellyStanaj MFP just told @KcInKcity he loved her & dedicated his perf of ‘Out of the Black’ to her…brb…going 2help peel her off the floor ;P

KellyStanaj Kelly Stanaj

No…wait…i think @KcinKcity just floated up to heaven!!! 😉

jfk_lenorahill Freebird baby!

Glampira I think Tommy just turned up the sound! This place is ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cleveland House party Twitter list

DesmoRacer The crew at dinner @Monterrific @TommyJoeRatliff

Virg1877 Yummy food. Awesome drinks. Gorgeous House of Blues Cleveland. Seeing lovely friends. @kcinkity has out done herself.

flynnsgirl Getting our drink on with the Crazy Bitches!

LaynieDane Yay! Made it to Cleveland! Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks!

Sulwen Show starting soon! SHAKING WITH EXCITEMENT. Or maybe alcohol. LULZZZ

peacefrogdesign Apparently Monte is gonna perform a strip tease sooo


peacefrogdesign Monte has an epic beard….true story

flynnsgirl Tommy killing it on the bass, the guys are on fire tonight.

HannaBec Monte talking about being hungover. Says he likes the album Pet Sounds in the bedroom. Haha

flynnsgirl Headbanging in The House of Blues tonight. Killing it Monte.

HannaBec We had 2 have a 2 min break while Tommy tuned his bass. Mote gave him a standing ovation while tuning.

HannaBec Monte says T needs a tuner. T has enuf glittery stuff…”get him a tuner.”

HannaBec Tommy lifted minii Tommy up onto stage.


HannaBec Music was great. New songs r wow. Boys were hot. Great friends 2 chat w. 1 of the best nites forever!! 🙂

fansofmonte Tonight was so amazing! I loved meeting so many of you!! Thank you for making me feel famous! Lmao!!

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  1. Ana Glam permalink
    June 12, 2011 7:03 am

    I’m so glad to see Monte, Tommy, and Xander out doing what they love…playing music and rockin’ the house. Hope to see them in my area someday. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the entire GNT crew made their own headlines and continued to live their dream every day?! Peace, love, and long live rock and roll!

  2. Dori permalink
    June 12, 2011 3:04 pm

    thanks for the recap – I didn’t listen or watch twitter last night! Catching up and listening to the radio show right now.
    One correction: you said the Pittsburgh party, it’s Philly. 🙂 I know you know that!

  3. MarCurtis permalink
    June 13, 2011 2:01 pm

    The photos are great here! Thanks to AuntiQuaint for the mention – sev of us in one car, one staying another day , and she and friend in another car. All together at Hol Inn Express across from the HOB in Cleveland, but separating to leave our hotel. Love to KC for organizing both those parties! She is a sweatheart!! Nice to hear Monte on your program. You are making me think about doing another one in Boston!! i will ck the deets – going to Canada at end of July so not sure. Great to see the guys perform up close and talk with them personally. It is great to know the friendship and support between the guys ~ to be there for each other.

  4. June 16, 2011 2:24 pm

    Here are the links to my pix/videos.
    — Chicago pix:
    — Cleveland pix:
    — Soundcheck in Chicago:
    — “Definitely” in Cleveland (with mini-Tommy):


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