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Adam Lambert Daily Update – May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

By Juneau and Xena – Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena, @XenaPW & @AdamLambertBook


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Adam is a born diplomat. Skills will come in handy in Russia!

adamlambert Forgot to mention how great @reevecarney and U2 were last night. Love that beat they added to the song since I saw it in NYC

adamlambert @MiaTyler
great to finally meet u last night!!!
MiaTyler I got to see so many amazing people yesterday but my favorite was @adamlambert Sexiest man alive for reals!

And this is just so beautiful. Adam and Sauli holding hands on the red carpet last night

Check out this gorgeous Getty Images video from the Idol finale red carpet



Russian Cosmopolitan has an article about Adam. Here’s a translation via Google Translate.

MTV News – Adam Lambert Making His ‘Dream Album’: Ryan Tedder, Nikka Costa and Sia help create ‘honest and real’ follow-up to For Your Entertainment. “”I think I’ve probably written about 18 to 20 songs … I’m really involved. It’s really exciting because I think I’m making my dream album. I know that sounds a bit clichéd, but I’m making exactly what I want to listen to.” “

Examiner (Renee Snyder) – Adam Lambert heads to Russia to perform at Maxidrom Festival (AUDIO) “Prior to heading out, he took a few minutes to call in to the Radio Maximum High Society morning show in Moscow for a brief interview.”

LA Times – Adam Lambert, the singer One of our Glam Sistah’s pointed us to this Ann Powers article from April 2009. We missed it because we weren’t online at the time obsessively (yes, we say that proudly) tracking all things Adam. A great read: “Lambert has shown more than that one side. He’s put his scariest Axl face forward for a metal-hard version of “Born to Be Wild” and regularly reached for notes that Janis Joplin might have dared. He’s earned comparison to Freddie Mercury and a standing ovation from Smokey Robinson. Lambert shares two things with all of those great singers: an urge to scale the wall of any melody and the knack for unsettling expectations that come with such a talent.”

Reality Rocks – Allison Iraheta Rocks New Songs, Flaunts New Look At ‘Idol’ Afterparty “Sporting a new Pegasus shoulderblade tattoo, sleek figure, and sophisticated black bob that was a major contrast to her famous rainbow-brite hair extensions, Allison was almost unrecognizable from that time in 2009 when Simon Cowell criticized her teenage fashion sense. Yes, she looked awesome then (Simon was wrong), but she looked even awesome-er Wednesday night. And she sounded awesome too, belting out two brand-new, unreleased songs, “Love” and “Tonight.””

Idolator – Adam Lambert, David Archuleta And More Attend ‘Idol’ Season Finale (PHOTOS) “On hand were Adam Lambert (who has apparently gone from experimenting with the hair on his face, to experimenting with the hair on his head) and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen…” – Holding hands, yay!

LA Music Industry Examiner – American Idol finale: Adam Lambert & boyfriend join Bono, J Lo on red carpet “Lambert, who was the runner up for American Idol Season 8, has been dating Koskinen since the beginning of 2011. Koskinen, a former contestant from Finland’s version of Big Brother, held hands with Lambert on the Idol finale red carpet.” Go to the post for more photos.



AdamLambertHelp New Photo!! Adam Lambert from Carmit’s baby shower
Didibenami HAHA, I need glasses, huh? sorry bout that switched pic! Not to be confused… Mr @adamlambert was sweet and…

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  1. Pamela permalink
    June 1, 2011 1:02 pm

    This has nothing to do with anything said previously – I just didn’t know where to address this. I don’t tweet and barely navigate the computer. Okay.
    I have 2 ideas.
    Adam already said he’s open to anything – acting, musicals, etc when he was on some morning talk show, right?
    WOuldn’t he be the absolute perfect perfecto Dr Frank N Furter in a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I think he was born to play that role! And he’d make the whole thing better!

    ALSO – especially for us older Glambertinas – Since I dance like a nut when I play his album – I would just LOVE for him – AND his dancers – to put out a little exercise video. God – exercising with Adam? I’d be in such good shape!!!
    What do you think? Pass this on to Adam :o)

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