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One Year Ago – Boston KISS108 Concert and Twins

May 23, 2011

Posted by Juneau

I guess I was still crawling up the learning curve of truly fanatical fangirling, as I did not attend the Boston KISS 108 concert last year, reasoning that sitting through an entire day of second-rate talent amid a sea of screaming tweens was not a price I was willing to pay to see Adam perform for 20 minutes. Plus I had tickets in hand to see him at Foxwoods and Providence. WHAT WAS I THINKING? DJ Matty in the Morning’s comment about Adam is still one of my all-time favorites. Did you attend? Share your memories with us!


“Every once in a great while…and we’re talking generations, somebody explodes on the national stage and changes everything.” – Matty Siegel introducing Adam at the KISS Concert in Boston

More photos posted at Adamholic

KISS108 Performance WWFM and Music Again

KISS108 Performance Sleepwalker

KISS108 Performance IIHY

KISS108 pre-show interview with Matty Siegel – “lines snaking out the door…”

As viewers will undoubtedly notice, Monte Pittman did not perform in this concert. His twins were on their way, so he stayed at home. Tommy took over on guitar and Cam picked up the bass. They probably barely had time to play through once in rehearsal. Talk about a cliff-hanger! Under the circumstances, they did an excellent job!

Tweet from @Monterrific Great job in Boston! @adamlambert @TommyJoeRatliff @Longineu @UhHuhHerMusic. thank you so much Tommy and Cam! @

Pre-show photos – Adam being gorgeous, Adam with Matty (our new favorite DJ in the universe):

Adam and DJ Billy Costa

Matty and Adam

After the KISS Concert, Adam made an appearance at radio station B104 for an OpenHouseParty session, taking requests and calls from .0001 percent of lucky callers who managed to get through. The video feed worked for only a handful of the elect who must have made the appropriate sacrifices to the god of Microsoft… They reported that Adam was happy and energetic, dancing around to the music playing on the air. Adam chatted with @msquisty from Texas who requested FYE (you go, girl!). Soon after, those in the chatroom with video eyes reported that Adam got up and vanished, leaving behind an empty chair and countless broken hearts. Such is the life of a Lambert fan.

Here’s something I posted last fall on wowowow in response to seeing this painting “Baroque” by Drake Lebry: I thought Baroque was a terrifically voyeuristic image with those eye-like patterns and how that sprawling chair invites one to imagine what might go on there. I like how it is painted on two panels, reminiscent of a Japanese byobu screen, and how it plays with dimensionality to create a dreamlike state. I told him I would buy it and hang it over my bed.

Post OpenHouseParty heartbreak, a late night twitter opera…

imjonsa: live at 93.3 openhouse party with iyaz and adam lambert thanks

juneauxena: @adamlambertAhh, the Unbearable Lightness of being your fan…saga of the empty chair. I need a post-KISS cigaret

imjonsa: oh my. the trouble we are getting into tonight.

imjonsa: vip at house of blues in boston, thanks @scottjmedeiros

juneauxena: @yellowsister Sh*T!! I just saw a tweet that Adam is going to be at House of Blues – I’m too tired to go (and my family…) I’m a failure

juneauxena: @adamlambert is in my town, I know where he is now, and I’m not going to drop everything to stalk him. Is this a good sign or not? Confused.

yellowsister: @JuneauXena In a situation like that ask WWA do? He would not stalk. He’d let AFL have some privacy! But on the other hand…

juneauxena: @yellowsister WWA do? Grab a pretty boy, get drunk and…

yellowsister: @JuneauXena LOL! There you go then, you know what to do!

imjonsa: @adamlambert – good night with you at House of Blues in boston and with everyone at @openhouseparty

celestlyn: @JuneauXena Good girl, you have the self-control of a palace guard.

email arrives from friend: At the house of blues gay night. Adam Lambert just showed up ;). Tell Juneau

juneauxena: @celestlyn Of course now I’m crying in my coffee. A friend emailed me this morning to say he saw Adam Lambert at House of Blues. Boo hoo

email from juneauxena’s friend: Didn’t talk to him.  He showed up around midnight, and I walked past the VIP area and saw him in there, and was pretty sure it was him, then the DJ announced that he was there.  He pretty much spent the whole night in the roped off VIP area with his entourage, but he was talking with fans a bit and let some people take some pictures.  There was one guy with him that looked familiar.  I think it might have been that cute keyboard player he kissed on stage.




Beatrix Fiona Pittman. 6lbs 11oz
Atticus Sparrow Pittman. 6lbs 5oz

Tweet from @adamlambert: @Monterrific congratulations papa pittman!! Gemini Twins!!!

Twins on May 26 back home – awwww!

Monterrific Let’s go home!

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  1. Kathy permalink
    May 23, 2011 8:23 pm

    Yes! I was there at the KISS 108 Concert for Adam! It was worth every minute of waiting outside all day just to be there to see him perform. The weather was perfect for late May. Ke$ha had a great set and Orianthi was exciting to see, too (this was before GNT so I hadn’t seen her perform before this). I was back on the lawn (up front at the fence) and I jumped the fence (shhh, don’t tell anyone) to get a little closer and into an empty seat. When Adam came on stage the whole place got up on their feet and stood for his entire performance. It was an amazing sight to witness and experience. Almost 20,000 people standing up all at once for this absolutely awesome man! Matty’s intro was fantastic and the excitement was palpable! Even being as far away as I was, it was just so exciting being there and seeing Adam. I had been up front at the stage for Rock My Town in February and didn’t know I would be up front again at the stage at KFest, just a couple weeks later. While there is nothing like being up front, the experience of seeing the reaction of the whole audience to Adam’s performance was a sight I will never forget. It made me so happy and proud for him. He was hot and sexy and he rocked the Comcast! No other performer came close to the excitement Adam generated. We missed Monte, but Tommy and Cam did an excellent job covering. What a night that was! I’ll never forget it.

    • buffy522 permalink
      May 23, 2011 8:45 pm

      How anyone can stay seated during an Adam performance. I really don’t get it!

    • May 24, 2011 9:01 am

      Ooh, thank you for sharing that experience. I hadn’t seen anyone else talk about the audience reaction that night. You can’t see it on the videos. Makes me wish I had been there! – J

  2. Mellie permalink
    May 24, 2011 1:35 pm

    I was at the KISS concert. Although I had watched AI, voted for Adam, watched his AMA appearance, I did not follow his career on line. So I was quite a newbie at this “fan business”. This is what I wrote a year ago about going to the concert.

    “I had talked my granddaughter(13 years old next week) into going with me to the KISS 108 concert. I figured it would sound better if I could say, ‘Oh, my granddaughter wanted to go.’ How I was deceiving myself! I was the one who wanted to see Adam. Well, she said “yes”, but the night before the concert she backed out because her parents did not want her to go. They had heard about “wild Adam Lambert” and some of the other groups. I was upset but I thought with 6th row seats I must go even by myself. I don’t care who knows. I had never been to a rock-like concert. So here I was off to see Adam and the 12 or so other groups that went before him. I was probably the only Granny in the front section. I could tell many of the the people around me were also just waiting to see Adam. What excitement when he came on!! As others have mentioned I felt that he looked right at me…how does he do that?…make you feel like he is looking at you. Also, the teenager next to me went up to the stage several times to try to touch Adam’s hand. I told her to just stand there and wait and the last time he came over he touched her hand and she was soooo excited. I gave her a big hug. I didn’t even know her…a joyful time.
    Then my granddaughter came over the next day and we went over the groups that I saw, one by one and I told her what I thought of each as we looked at pictures on the web. Now, see what Adam has done…brought the generations together and given me and my granddaughter a special connection. I am a lucky lady.”

    My granddaughter did get to see Adam at the Albany concert, by then her parents had calmed down and I made it sound very, very safe and fun…which of course, GN was.

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