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AI8 Redux Part 17: Adam Lambert has us cryin’

May 12, 2011


By guest blogger “Idolholic”

Two years ago, it was Top 3 night on American Idol Season 8.  We were treated to two songs from each contestant.  First they performed a song chosen by one (or two) of the judges, then the contestants got to sing a song of their own choosing.  For Adam, Simon chose “One” by U2.  For his second song, Adam chose “Cryin’” by Aerosmith (and praised Steven Tyler!!)

Here’s what the contestants sang (in order of how they sang, with the eliminated contestant in bold italics):

 1.  Danny Gokey, “Dance Little Sister” (Judges’ Choice, Paula picked this for him)

2.  Kris Allen, “Apologize” (Judges’ Choice, Kara and Randy picked this for him)

3.  Adam Lambert, “One” (Judges’ Choice, Simon picked this for him)

4.  Danny Gokey, “You Are So Beautiful”

5.  Kris Allen, “Heartless”

6.  Adam Lambert, “Cryin’”

Here’s Michael Slezak’s review on, in which I was reminded of his promise to “dye my hair (gulp) to Iraheta Red if Adam doesn’t take home the season 8 crown.”

And here’s Slezak’s recap of the results show.

And now, on to my emails to my fellow Idolholics!  First up is my review of the Top 3 performances:

Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:30 PM
Subject: RE: Tonight’s show

Well, I am going to shock you all tonight!

You won’t be surprised by my rankings, and probably not by my post-show voting behavior, but you will not believe which performance I liked the best!

  1. Adam.  I liked that he didn’t wear eyeliner for “One”.  I didn’t really love the song though.  He was actually a little pitchy (first time I’ve really heard that from him).  “Cryin’” made me realize once again, this guy can ROCK!  But the backup singer was too loud.  I didn’t really love this performance either.  I did appreciate his VERY politically correct comments about Danny and Kris doing so well.  Actually I think he was sincere, but it was also a good strategy for him.
  2. Danny.  Ouch!  It pains me to rank him second ‘cause I really think he should be the one to go home.  On “Dance Little Sister” I did not like his gravelly voice (not appropriate for this soul song).  Backup vocals were too loud (HELLO!  On the TOP RATED TV SHOW, do you think they could hire a sound tech who knows a little about blending voices?  Jeez!).  The melody on this song was boring.  The exchange of jazzy riffs with the sax was just “eh” for me.  I thought he was shouting again, and was annoyed by the Taylor Hicks “woo”.  HOWEVER….I actually LOVED “You Are So Beautiful.”  It was my favorite performance of the night!  He was smart to wear a tie and vest (firmly creating a visual image of himself as the most conservative contestant).  I thought this was a good song choice and nice arrangement.  He did an excellent job.  He made us all wonder, “Is he thinking about his wife?” when he sang…smart choice.
  3. Kris.  Did I detect blue nail polish on his thumbnail when he answered his cell phone to get the text message from the judges?  Or did he injure it & have a bruise under the nail?   Hmmmm..  When he sang, I did not like “Apologize”.  He looked very tense and was weak on the high falsetto notes.  I wrote, “Good, but not the home run he needed”…which was foreshadowing (or ESP!) because then moments later Kara said he needed to be “swingin’ it outta the park”.  (OMG I’m on the same wavelength as Kara!  What does that say about me?!?!?!.  Wait, don’t answer that!!)  On “Heartless” I wrote “Kris is not a black guy” but that was before he started to sing.  I thought this was melodically boring BUT…good high notes, I think he picked the exact correct key for this song for his voice.  I thought it was a good choice to sing with just his guitar.  I thought this was his best performance ever…he finally looked confident, for the first time ever.  I just hope it’s not too late for Kris!

Random question:  Why does Simon always scratch his face with his middle finger extended?  All the time?  I don’t think this is an accident.

OK, now on to my obsessive dialing behavior!  I know I can get in about 6 calls per minute on my landline.  But tonight, I made several calls in a row that did not go through and/or got some busy signals.  So I switched to my cell phone, and learned that I can make about 10 calls per minute, and I got almost NO busy signals!  Then I worried about making so many calls that I would go over my monthly allotment of minutes.  So then I get this brainstorm…I went to to register Adam’s phone number as one of my “friends & family” numbers (so I could call an unlimited number of times for free)!!!  But sadly, it would not have taken effect until midnight, so it wouldn’t have helped me tonight.  Despite this minor setback, I went on to vote several HUNDRED times for Adam tonight, on my cell phone!  At one point I was a “two-fisted dialer”, calling with my cell phone in one hand and the landline in the other!  How sick & twisted is that?  I think I’m regressing to my days as a junior high girl!!!

And the topper is, I have now registered two Idol numbers as “friends and family,” in preparation for next week (whichever number is Adam’s is the one I’ll use).  I’m ready for what I believe will be the long-predicted Adam & Danny final.  Wish it would be Adam & Kris, though.  I really like Kris as a person.  I like Danny as a person too!  But I just don’t think either one of them is up to Adam’s level.

Then again, there could be an upset & Adam might go home! You never know!  (In Adam’s favor:  I think Allison’s voters most likely migrated to vote for him over the other two…)

R. & H., you’ve already reported in…anyone else do some obsessive repeat dialing tonight???

Can’t wait for tomorrow!!


 Then I spent some time surfing the Internet for all things Adam Lambert and came up with this:

Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:53 PM
Subject: RE: Tonight’s show

OK, this will definitely make you laugh!  Several T-shirt designs for each of the top 3 contestants.  I may have to buy one!  But probably Not the one that says “Mrs. Adam Lambert”….–g–us–con–ameidol–c–American_Idol&utm_medium=cpm&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=con–American+Idol&utm_content=content&utm_term=ad–American+Idol

If you’ve read previous Redux posts, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Michael Slezak, who wrote fantastic reviews for  You’ll also recall that my sister-in-law (“H.”) got to be a call-in “Superviewer” on one of his wonderful “Idolatry” videos.  With that in mind, you’ll understand this next email:

Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 6:01 AM

Subject: I TALKED TO SLEZAK!!!!!

Thursday at 3:15 my cell phone rang and…IT WAS SLEZAK!!!

As you may recall, last week after the live-blog-results thing, I emailed him and requested to be his Idolatry Superviewer.  I groveled and dropped H.’s name, but didn’t hear from him.  Then when I saw last week’s Idolatry video, he didn’t have any Superviewer on at all.

Mike (that’s what he calls himself) told me that they wanted me to be this week’s Superviewer, and that they would call me back in 15-30 minutes.

I restrained myself until we hung up, and then let out a “WOOO!” that would make Taylor Hicks proud.

Then I waited for him to call back…and waited… and waited…Finally he called at 6:15 to tell me that they had technical difficulties and couldn’t make the telephone call-in part work for the Idolatry video :0(.

He said it had gotten hectic in the office because they were cleaning up all the confetti.  I asked, “Why do you have confetti in your office?” and he got quiet…so I said, “I guess I’ll just have to watch the Idolatry video, right?” and he said “Yep!”  Sounds intriguing!!

Then he said they might call me back next week for the finale Idolatry video, if there was time!!!

He was super-nice, and although my potential “fifteen minutes of fame” was a flop this week, there is still hope for next week!  Until then, H. continues as the reigning queen/rock star Idolholic :0)

Til Tuesday,


 “H.” sent us all a link to Slezak’s “Idolatry” video with Allison Iraheta, and I said:

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 7:56 AM
Subject: RE: Idolatry!

Thanks, H.!  This video absolutely made my day.  I feel semi-close to a future pop star!  (Only two degrees of separation:  Allison-Slezak-me!!!)

I’m going to forward an email I just wrote to Slezak today…Hope you all enjoy!

Til Tuesday,


And here’s what I said to Slezak that same morning:

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 7:58 AM
Subject: FW: Allison + Idolatry = BRILLIANT!!! Superviewer this week?

Thought y’all might enjoy this… Til Tuesday, “Idolholic”

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 7:54 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: Allison + Idolatry = BRILLIANT!!! Superviewer this week?

Hi Mike,

I just watched the five-part Allison “Idolatry,” which was brilliant!  You did a fantastic job of bringing out her personality.  I wish we could have all gotten to know her that well while she was still a contestant.   I think if your interview had been shown on Idol, Allison would still be around… I miss her….

And I loved all the video clips.  One of my personal barometers for evaluating Idol contestants is this simple question:  Did they give me goose bumps?  And I got goose bumps many, many times while watching Idolatry.  Really, it was one of the first times this season that I’ve gotten goose bumps, so THANK YOU for that!

I even teared up watching her hug Adam at the end of “Slow Ride.”  That was truly one of THE best moments of the entire season.  I had been hoping for a long time to hear them sing a duet, and they were HOT together!  (In a brotherly/sisterly way, of course!).  Hearing Allison mention that they might sing “Slow Ride” on tour means I will be buying my tickets TODAY!!  I would pay big bucks just to see that one number!

I’m sorry that technical glitches prevented me from being your Superviewer on Thursday.  I’m still curiously awaiting the Idolatry video that features the confetti in your office :0)!!

I hope you’ll have time for a Superviewer next week, and that you’ll call me again (217) 622-8133.

[From] Your fellow “Idolholic”

One of our group members suggested that I might lose my voice the following week because “you will be screaming all Wednesday night after Adam WINS.”    I replied:

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 8:02 AM
Subject: RE: I TALKED TO SLEZAK!!!!!

Oh, I hope so!  Since I now have two Idol voting phone numbers programmed into my Verizon “Friends and Family” list, I will use whichever one belongs to Adam to vote for him at least 1,000 times!

I think I need an Idolholic intervention!  I will be in severe withdrawal this time next week!  But hearing Allison say on Slezak’s Idolatry interview that she & Adam might do “Slow Ride” on tour makes me want to run out & buy my tix today! 


Regarding my email to Slezak, my fellow Idolholics dubbed me the Groveling Queen, and one said, “That’s right.  If at first you don’t succeed, beg!” to which I replied:

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 2:07 PM
Subject: RE: Allison + Idolatry = BRILLIANT!!! Superviewer this week?

Isn’t that the advice that Simon gave Allison?!?!?  I’m in good company!

Thank you, thank you very much!


 And I speculated about the impact Adam’s win would have:

Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2009 2:28 PM
Subject: RE: I TALKED TO SLEZAK!!!!!

 …I think Adam’s win would just make the statement that hey, sexual orientation doesn’t matter, it’s the talent that counts!  I think that would be very cool!

Keeping my fingers crossed.  Oh, wait!  I have to un-cross them so I can vote 1,000 times on Tuesday night :0)!


“H.” is a huge David Cook fan, very much like that we Glambertinae are fanatical about Adam, so I had to tease her a little after she confessed one of her favorite websites was .  This email was sent just before the Season 8 Finale aired, so I took a few moments to speculate on my obsession with Adam:

Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 5:29 PM
Subject: RE: Finale Line-up – Very Exciting! ???  For real, that’s a website???? And H., you check it out regularly?  Then yes, H., one year later, I think you definitely need an intervention!  Either that or a road trip to a David Cook concert with some fellow cougars :0)!!!

I am so excited for tonight.  But I think Adam may be in trouble.  I think Kris will get nearly 100% of Danny’s fans voting for him, and I think for that reason Kris may win.

However, now that I have both possible numbers programmed into my cell phone, I shall be voting like MAD tonight for Adam!

I cannot explain why I like Adam so much.  I don’t like his genre or his chosen look.  Like Kara said, he makes me “Confused…and happy!”  I think it is just his amazing vocal skills, incredible versatility and electrifying performances.

I reread my notes from the entire season.  My initial reaction to Adam was, “Gay boy pretending to be a rocker.”  I thought he was fake, [but now I see it this way:] To Adam, being a rocker is a persona that he wears while on stage.  I don’t really see him living the true rocker lifestyle 24/7. [note:  upon further reflection, I realize that I found it very disarming, whenever I heard him interviewed, to find that he was straightforward and down to earth, when what I expected to hear was him trying to put on airs and be a cool rocker dude.  It’s that contrast between his onstage image and the real Adam that I still find so fascinating…] 

I became obsessed after “Ring of Fire” (wasn’t that the night Kara was “confused…but happy?”  I think so!).  It was weird but also mesmerizing at the same time.  (I’ve heard the Johnny Cash version but I am not a country music purist so I really liked what Adam did with that song.)

 OK, off to rustle up dinner for me & the kids so we can be done in the next 90 minutes.  Have fun tonight!  And may the best man win :0) !!


 And one last email, sent literally one minute for the Finale aired, went to Slezak:

 Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 6:59 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Loved the confetti!

 Hi Mike!

I finally got to watch the Idolatry recapping this week’s results.  LOVED the confetti!  Even more, I liked how it had “disappeared” in the next shot…ah, the magic of video!

Now I must go & watch the Adam-Kris duel!    Can’t wait to see your final Idolatry videos this week!


Finally, as your reward for making it to the end of this blog, I have lots of video goodies for you this week!

First, here are links to Adam’s performances on American Idol during Top 3 week in May, 2009:

Adam singing “One”

Adam singing “Cryin’”

Here’s the Top 3 in the Ford Music Video:

And here’s Adam’s hometown visit to San Diego, along with the results:

What did you think of Adam’s performances?  Post a comment below and let me know your reactions!

To Be Continued…

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Random Medley permalink
    May 12, 2011 10:26 am

    I have such a love/hate relationship with Season 8. I loved every minute Adam was on my screen (until the end). Pure sweet love. I still have every night set on my DVR to start when Adam appears. I think that was the first time I even learned how to set the thing. Hated Dorkey from the beginning.

    Reminiscing through Slezaks Blog brings it all back and I am still disturbed when I look at the comment (starting with #4).

    Somewhere between Slezak, Yahoo and Rickey the Maternal Amazon Princess Warrior came out in me waving a banner of righteous indignation (all a little confusing due to the sexy/sleazy hyphe-sexual arousal aspect of this Rock God).

    Before I knew about fan clubs / blog sites, I was combing Google for all things Adam. Everyone I knew was getting emails with videos of everything I could find. I was a one woman fan club before I knew there were others out here with me. I never learned how to vote on-line but I have 6 phone lines and my daughter and I could hit redial with the best of them. I knew Adam was special.. every inch of him. I knew there was that whole gay hate, homophobic hyperbole that was piercing my heart. I was on a mission.

    The mission has not ended. There have been great successes and I believe Adam has helped change the world. It has gotten better, but the fight’s not over. When Adam becomes #1 (charts and sales… he is already #1 in my heart) and hate is shoe-boxed into the crematoriums of the deeply (hypocritical) religious, when Adam can marry the man of his dreams, when the guy with the eyeliner is recognized as “the boy next door”………

    Sheez .. this rant started with the top 3… obviously I am still pissed off. (I also think he back up singer was an intentional foil by the sound mixer because that had never happened before or since).

    Oh yeah… Didn’t love the song One but loved the performance as well as Simon’s gushing but Cryin is still resonating in my soul.

    • buffy522 permalink
      May 12, 2011 2:58 pm


      Your sentiments are mine completely. I was brand new to fan search or going to the AI website. I have grown so much due to a passion for Adam Lambert. I love Slezak now, but would have been hating him had I known about him during season 8! It still hurts to realize that somehow among all the buzz about him, he didn’t win the season. Still suspicious as well. But I have to reflect on the Slezak comment, that by rock week, Adam wasn’t even really competing. He was delivering performances. And that’s what Adam said and maintains. This week were not the greatest for Adam because “One” was a terrible choice dumped on him and the back up singers were killable. Adam said it was the sound system. So…
      Hoping the best for the next album. Don’t know if I can even read next week’s recap!

      • Random Medley permalink
        May 12, 2011 3:38 pm

        I think I am going to have to pull the plug on the final. I don’t think I can watch that again. (except (OMG) Beth).

  2. Chris permalink
    May 13, 2011 8:25 am

    The horrible sound mixing on Cryin’ was a “cryin'” shame! I love the studio recordings of both of those songs and play them often. We got to see a lot of Adam’s personality during this episode. Still love to see how he remembers where he came from. Love reliving Season 8!

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