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Adam Lambert Week in Review – April 3-9, 2011

April 3, 2011

By Juneau and Xena, co-authors of the book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

We update constantly, so come back often! To browse  past issues, go to the Tag cloud in the right margin and click on “Week in Review”. And if you still wonder ‘What is it about Adam Lambert?’ or feel like a freak for loving him, you’ll find good company in the pages of our book



Well, well, the entertainment industry has finally recognized the Internet and the power of fans! MTV has created the O Music Awards for Online Music, and included categories for Best Fan Army and Best Fan Forum (although these appear to be sites created by recording companies, not fan-initiated sites). Adam is nominated in two categories: Fan Army and F*ck Yeah TumblrGo vote for this awesome fandom!!



Adam elevated the temperature on the red carpet at the taping of NewNowNext Awards Thursday night. The show will air on  Logo TV – NewNowNext Awards April 11 at 10PM EST. Here’s a short blurb with more photos on Socialite Life.


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for LOGO

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for LOGO

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for LOGO

AP Photo/Matt Sayles


Photo by: Vince Flores/UK Press

Need photo credit.

Cropped image from Paula Abdul's Facebook page

More photos from NewNowNext at

FYE Condom promo? Were these given out at NewNowNext? Sony, maybe you rock after all!

Adam and Sauli attended the Uh Huh Her show Friday night to cheer on Glam Nation bandmate Camila Grey. Here’s a notice in Just Jared. We love the band’s dark, sexy electro-pop sound. Check out their Black and Blue video and go buy their new EP. They are fantastic. Check this LA Weekly post for more photos.

LA Weekly, photo by Timothy Norris

Sauli, Leisha Hailey and Adam (need photo credit)

The amazing Suz526 caught the entire Uh Huh Her show on video. Check her channel!

Uh Huh Her performs at the Belly up Tavern in Solana Beach, California on March 31, 2011.



USA Today – Elton John sales rocket after ‘American Idol’ theme week “…after debuting atop SoundScan’s Music Video chart last week, Adam Lambert sells an addition 4,000 copies of his Glam Nation Live DVD this week. That’s enough to keep him at No. 2, behind a Les Miserables: 25th Anniversary in Concert release that features Nick Jonas.”

MTV O Awards – Voting starts soon has begun!! Adam is nominated in two categories: Fan Army and F*ck Yeah Tumblr. “I don’t quite know when it started, but within the last two years artist-specific fans have begun creating blanket names for themselves — more commonly known as The Fan Army…Fan Army FTW is just one of the creative categories that the newly launched award show, which embraces artists who understand and capitalize on how technology is changing in relation to music.”

MJsBigBlog – Adam Lambert VH1 Behind the Music Special Publicist Page Jeter tweets, “VH1′s Behind the Music @adamlambert with Kris Allen interview at @tru_hollywood!” In other words, Kris Allen sat for an interview with VH1 today for an Adam Lambert Behind The Music special. Jeter assures us, “it is no april fool’s joke, people. there will be a Behind the Music on Adam Lambert. filmed at @tru_hollywood today! get excited!” UPDATE: @PageJeter tweets, “Alright Glambert fans – VH1 Behind the Music on @adamlambert is set to air in June! Get ready! Great interview from @tru_hollywood!”

ALFC – Adam Presenting at the NewNowNext Awards! “Winners will be revealed Monday, April 11th at 10/9C, on Logo’s “NewNowNext Awards” 2011 show. The 90-minute special will be taped in front of a live audience of today’s hottest emerging and seasoned artists at the legendary Avalon in Hollywood, CA on April 7th. Performers, presenters and special guests will be announced as they are confirmed.”

Logo TV’s – NewNowNext Awards April 11 at 10PM EST Promo ad says Adam Lambert will be appearing. The awards will also feature a great favorite of ours, the Swedish dance pop diva Robyn!

Adam’s charity:water campaign ends on April 9. Over $320,000 raised so far. Check out some recent donations, including a $20,000 gift from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association and $120 from Vietnamese high school students.

Adam will be interviewed by two New Zealand radio stations thisweek!



Tweeted to Perez Hilton:  @adamlambert @PerezHilton RADIATE LOVE?

Pop Republic TV – Adam Lambert – Glam Nation LIVE (CD/DVD) “”A jaded journo gets his glam nation on” Music critic Rob Manser confesses: “Its incredibly rare for me to go ape shit over an artist, let alone consider myself a total fan… but its finally happened…Adam personifies the best of the music business. Talent, creativity, drive, humanity and above all – a connection with his fans that makes them FEEL the entire production of what he is offering – from the visual live stage spectacular to acoustic recordings… all have that old school “real” vibe about them – whilst maintaining a commercial sensibility that thousands of “chart” acts STRIVE to achieve and fail at. Adam is a natural.”



We’ve heard via Adam’s own tweets that he has been working with Ryan Tedder, Bonnie McKee and Nikka Costa. Check out Nikka Costa’s official YouTube channel (hilarious video for @BronxZoosCobra). She and Adam were Tweasing the fans:

officialnikka in the studio with@adamlambert and @printzboard killin it! Xiting stuff in the worx! Good times 🙂

adamlambert @PrintzBoard @officialnikka so dirrrty

Sia, the Australian singer-songwriter and another dream collaborator of Adam’s tweeted Saturday that she has moved to Los Angeles. She broadcast her plans to furnish her tiny apartment with free furniture found via Twitter. She was very excited to discover the free items section of CraigsList. Then we saw this:

HannaBec When asked about Adam RT @siamusic @VampBeastie i’m seeing him next week.

Sia – Breathe Me, which was unforgettable on Six Feet Under

GoodWill_Music: studio flow, tracking a record we wrote for adam lambert w/ jonny_rose & ohferras

@siamusic Hangies with adam!

Tweeted by @siamusic
milestougeaux Lunch with rock star son, dinner with writer girlfriend and some literati. #howdidIgethere
milestougeaux Having fun watching Sia and Ad creating music in studio…. Diggin this field trip
adamlambert had an epic writing session w @siamusic, @OhFerras today!! Still buzzin w delight!!
siamusic: NicoBlackheart yeh he is so so amazing. we wrote an unbelievable song.” Ohh… Interview with BC Jean (Video) – The hit-making songwriter talks about working with Adam!

The Hollywood Reporter – Ryan Tedder On Working with Adam Lambert, David Cook and Season 10 Finalist Stefano Langone
The article says Tedder wrote and produced two songs on Adam’s second album. “I think he’s a rocker. He can definitely pull off a dance song, but after working with him, I really think he’s a rock dude and one of the greatest male vocalists around, for sure…No matter what, I think Adam’s a star…He’s still super funny and goofy as hell. We just have fun in the studio. He doesn’t take himself seriously at all. It’s still fun and cheeky and sarcastic, but he definitely knows what he wants…all I really do is, I write or produce the kind of Adam Lambert song that I would want to hear.”



We are donating proceeds from sales of our book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert to the Trevor Project, the suicide-prevention service for gay, lesbian and other youth struggling with sexual orientation and identity. Reader Feedback for On the Meaning of Adam Lambert.

In addition, everyone who purchases books, tattoos or bumper ovals from our online store will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Valerie Orsoni’s terrific book, Le Personal Coach.

Our campaign runs through May 8th, 2011 – Mother’s Day in the U.S. Please Tweet and Facebook our campaign and help us spread the word!

You can also support the Trevor Project by buying Adam Lambert’s Aftermath Remix (by Billboard). Or simply text message TREVOR to 85944 to donate $5.00 to The Trevor Project!



Adam Official – Glam Nation Live” CD/DVD Debuts At #1

Buy the music and videos on iTunes

Boston Herald – Review: “Glam Nation Live” (19/RCA): A “His dark and yet somehow triumphant sound -— sort of a dancefloor diva’s interpretation of the Cure — is expertly re-created, while Lambert’s breathtaking vocal exploits (“Ring of Fire,” anyone?) leave no doubt about who should have nabbed the “Idol” crown.”



The New Republic -American Idol Is Just A Popularity Contest–And That’s A Good Thing “Ultimately, then, the best contestant still wins, which is no doubt reflected in the chart-topping success of most American Idol finalists (though season eight runner-up Adam Lambert might say otherwise).”

Ezine @rticles – Adam Lambert – Down the Rabbit Hole Indeed “Somewhere between rock god and Broadway powerhouse, Lambert’s style seamlessly blends bravado and beauty in a way that’s almost hard to hear at first listen. It’s just too perfect sometimes, but the soul is there, and that’s the thing that puts Lambert’s vocals and style over-the-top…He truly connects with both the material and the audience all at once, and that is what makes every singer truly successful….”

Thanks to @sexynarwhal for Twitting this!

The Mo’Kelly Report – Why You (and I) Shouldn’t Root for Jacob Lusk to Win American Idol “The American Idol “management” deal is a contradiction in terms and a conflict of interests. A typical deal requires a “manager” to work on behalf of the client, to generate maximum business opportunities, revenue and best position the artist to succeed. The 19 Entertainment “management” deal precludes the artist largely from doing any outside the realm of American Idol-related or sponsored activities.”

On Top – Lady Gaga Joins Adam Lambert In Donating Proceeds To Gay Groups “Pop singer Lady Gaga will donate proceeds from the country remix of her gay anthem Born This Way to gay group GLSEN, MTV News reported.”

The Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup Silly Old Daniel says “My two passions in life are celebrities and pop music. I am very shallow. I am a gay. That is all.” After unburdening himself about Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, he does a hilarious take-down of the tabloid dust-up over Adam’s Lady Gaga exploits: “As the party went on he apparently became LOUDER and MORE ROWDY, which culminated in Adam drunkenly SINGING to Lady GaGa. I’ve heard it all now– SINGING at a party, he might as well have just started shooting heroin there and then. Unsurprisingly, Lady GaGa eventually had Adam thrown out of the party for his nuisance behaviour (singing at a party, indeed, I just can’t get over it!), because having fun at Lady GaGa’s birthday is simply not allowed. Now SIT DOWN, DRINK YOUR WHISKY and TALK ABOUT WHAT A PROFOUND INFLUENCE ANDY WARHOL HAS HAD ON YOUR WORK.” SOD is a bit of a potty brain, so be forewarned.

Examiner – Miley Cyrus: Singer talks radiating love — Perez Hilton, Adam Lambert tweet “Perez Hilton wrote via Twitter: “#RADIATELOVE.” This is a possible topic/term that Miley Cyrus (the singer has recently returned to Twitter) has been hoping to get trending on the popular social network. Hilton and Cyrus had been exchanging messages via Twitter. Adam Lambert then responded by writing: “@PerezHilton RADIATE LOVE?“, to which Hilton wrote: “@adamlambert Yes.–Ng.” As fans can see by the link, Hilton posted the link to singer’s Adele’s song, “Make You Feel My Love”. Adele’s latest album, 21 is a hit, and has already yielded hit songs for the popular star.”

LA Weekly – La Cita In The News: Mustache Mondays Leaves A Void, Adam Lambert Punches A Hole and Punky Reggae Fills It All Up The latest on Perez drama… “Strange considering Perez not only says he’s turned over a new leaf, he told us Lambert inspired him to make his birthday a charity event. As of last night, looks like Adam isn’t too happy with the blogger himself. In response to Hilton’s Twitter post #RADIATELOVE last night (actually a Miley Cyrus proposed trending topic tweet), the glam star replied, “RADIATELOVE?””

Dede Tillman Blogs – 5 Star Hollywood Hunks A little flail fest here for fun!

San Francisco Bay Times – Raja Hits Bay Area for Whirlwind Tour Interview in which Raja explains that he’s not a cold bitch in reality. “The thing I want to do as an entertainer and artist is leave a legacy of art and creativity and being an out-of-the-box thinker. I don’t want to disappear off the face of the earth and have no one remember me that way. I would like to say I have a wealth of knowledge, and if I can share it with other people, then by all means let’s do it!”

Autostraddle – Linda Perry Starts Pink’s Party, Defends Christina Aguilera, Is Legendary Excellent interview with the uncompromising and much in-demand songwriter and producer Linda Perry [who wrote and produced “Loaded Smile” on FYE]. Wish the interviewer had asked more questions about working with Adam… “Inspired by recent love obsession and heartbreak, Linda is writing, recording and performing her own music for the first time in 12 years in the form of a rock duo named Deep Dark Robot.”



Copyright 2011 Lee Cherry Photography

Hustle on over to the Labor of Love web site to order your copy of Scarlett Cherry’s new album and join their street team!! If you don’t know this sultry-voiced songstress and long-time friend of Adam’s, you are in for a revelation! She created this album inspired by the miracle of bringing new life into the world. We loved her first EP and can’t wait to hear the new one.



Send us your all-time favorite photos of Adam and the Glam Troupe and we’ll post them here!

Tweeted by LightLoveAdam: Good lord, he's beautiful. (found on IDF w/no credit listed)



ATTENTION: Aftermath Remix Essay submitters – “Unfortunately, a little over half the entries were in unreadable formats.  We’re asking all entrants to resubmit their entries by emailing them to  You can either attach a .pdf file or simply copy and paste into the body of the email…Deadline for re-entries will be Sunday, April 10th at 11:59pm PST.

Fans invited to weigh in on Fan Club Merch Fans have not been altogether happy about the designs of the official merch, and the club is now giving fans a chance to weigh in! This from Lane: “… i would also love to hear any items or ideas that you all would like to see! We will have a variety of items, but since these are for you, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Let me know and we will be sure to take it all into consideration!”

Show Us Your Charity:Water contest – This one is getting mixed reactions… Fans are being asked to purchase one of the commemorative 29:29:29 T-shirts and send a photo of 1) wearing the T-shirt in some creative location, or 2) a re-design of the shirt for those fans who weren’t thrilled with the original design. First prize is a VIP upgrade for your next Adam Lambert show. Campaign ends on May 1, 2011 at 11:55pm PST.

Adam wants to learn about you:

1. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
2. Who are your fashion influences?
3. Whats your favorite type of food?
4. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
5. If you could have a soundtrack song for your life, what would it be?



Lisa Pittman Visits ExpectingModels

Check out Tommy’s Tumblr

@dougiesauris posted a bunch of pix of the dynamic duo…

Posted by @dougiesauris

Posted by @dougiesauris. Tommy tweeted "TommyJoeRatliff TommyJoe Ratliff 1930 Ford roadster.. I don't know shit about cars or care really but this thing was badass!!!!"

Posted by @dougiesauris

Posted by @dougiesauris



Songs for Japan – Artists donate songs

Request Adam on your local radio station – Adam Official thread lists request links for radio stations in major markets around the country.

Check out Isaac and Tommy’s new band, Ravi Dhar and The Heartless.



ZM Online Interview – Adam answers questions about whether he feels like a Disney princess, whether he can see the Hollywood sign from his house, what his wedding song will be, who his favorite competitors on this season’s American Idol are. We get to hear the interviewers gush over him, and they play Aftermath Remix.

Edge NZ Interview – Adam talks about things that fans have written that have really touched him and reveals what went down at Lady Gaga’s birthday party. And then there are the Doritos.

Colin McEnroe – ‘Color Me Obsessed’…Not Crazy Very interesting NPR radio talk program about fan dedication and subculture. Interviews with Gorman Bechard who has just released a documentary film ‘Color Me Obsessed’, along with mega fans of Dream Theater, Todd Rundgren and Tori Amos. Glamberts will recognize themselves!

Raja Performs at Deco Lounge SF March 28, 2011 (thanks LambertLust!)

FYE from River Rock

Adam Lambert’s Killer Vocals (by ParamoreVzla)

High School Senior “Comes Out” in Assembly – We stand in awe of this young woman.

Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way You Can, San Diego March 29, 2011 (Suz526) – Retweeted by @scissorsisters!

Celebrities who like Adam Lambert – an oldie but goodie



Order Glam Nation Live CD/DVD on Amazon and iTunes

Buy Aftermath Remix here
Here’s the list of countries outside the U.S. where the song is available for download)

mmyy9: Glam Nation Live Japanese Version (Out April 27, 4,095 yen, with 3 or 4 bonus tracks CD, photo book from GNT Japan)

From NiamhCat Text bat pendant. Part of proceeds go to Tommy Joe’s family.

The Sleepwalker single can now be pre-ordered at U.S. Amazon

And check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!



Just spotted this on Amazon:The Adam Lambert Handbook – Everything you need to know about Adam Lambert [Paperback].  Jane Poole (Author). $19.95. From the product description, it’s difficult to know what this book contains. If you have read it, we’d be pleased to post your review:

“This book is your ultimate resource for Adam Lambert. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more…Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.”



TommyJoeRatliff Scarlett, thats amazing!!!!RT @scarlettcherry: “@riffcherry: @TommyJoeRatliff @santabillie @TheEmotionBatz

Riff Cherry wearing Santabillie's Tommy drawing!!

Cupcakes for Glam Nation Live viewing party, by @enriqueme



adamlambert Great show by @UhHuhHerMusic last night! Great to see @AllisonIraheta, @SashaMallory, and @IlseyJ!
SashaMallory @UhHuhHerMusic killed it tnight… I was so into ur music loved it. Everyone needs to zone in
TommyJoeRatliff @scarlettcherry “@leecherry, riff is the background on my phone! 🙂 ❤
TommyJoeRatliff I need some @negativeneil in my life soon!
UhHuhHerMusic Logo Awards with @adamlambert last night. Was so excited seeing Tabitha Coffey and Paula Abdul. So fun!
adamlambert Sad to see Pia go. One of the best voices on this season. Makes me think Voters aren’t focusing enough on vocal/musical ability.

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  1. April 3, 2011 10:18 am

    Please..would someone tell me why Neil is in Viet Nam. Did I miss something?

  2. Janus Janis permalink
    April 3, 2011 11:50 am

    Listen to Sia’s “We Are Born.” She is amazing and I’m praying for a collaboration.

  3. Anna L permalink
    April 3, 2011 6:50 pm

    Riff looks great in @santabillie’s artwork. They should comission her to do some T-shirts for the fandom.She is megatalented.

  4. Random Medley permalink
    April 7, 2011 9:34 pm

    Thanks again ladies. Everyone was speculating about Sauli’s arm next to Adam.

    This time you came up with photos before twitter.

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