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Adam Lambert Week in Review – February 20-26, 2011

February 20, 2011

By Juneau and Xena, co-authors of the book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

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New Glam Nation DVD preview video released and it’s “Sleepwalker”

Watch it at VEVO


adamlambert So saddened by news of quake in New Zealand. Please lend aid:

We spoke with friends in New Zealand on our radio show Weds night. Also on: Celebrity Coach Valerie Orsoni, an Adam fan. Here’s the audio:

Drawing by @ellespen



Cool milestone!! Adam’s Twitter followers reaches 888,888

Screencapped by @Scorpios4Adam

UhHuhHer announces tour Check their Facebook page for dates We love Glam Nation keyboard player Cam Grey’s band with Leisha Hailey. Looking forward to the release of their EP!

Examiner Matt Carter – Adam Lambert one week away from projected 800,000 markOver the course of 2011, Adam Lambert has managed to continue to sell albums for his debut “For Your Entertainment” at a pretty steady rate — which is even more impressive once you consider that the guy has not had a new single on the radio in America at any point this year.

MTV’s 10 on Top – Saturday, February 19, at 11:30AM ET, this weekly show offers a countdown of “the Top 10 most texted and talked about young celebs at the moment. Their ranking will be influenced by the audience – based on the chatter they elicit, and the headlines they create each week, as well as the amount of buzz about their upcoming projects and events.” Adam came in at #4. Watch:

Sleepwalker at #1 on BigFM German charts, posted by lilybop2010


Give the Glam Nation Tour video previews some hits!



While Adam is working on his new album, there are new people to be converted, one by one! Go forth, with these tools in hand:

Adam Lambert Light and Love




Adam goes platinum at the Grammy's - diamond ring

IS-Tutka – Video (in Finnish) interview with Sauli. We now know how to say “Bora Bora” in Finnish. Rinnuninnu’s blog has translated some highlights. “In the video Sauli also mentions that they will keep their fingers crossed for some special person to win an Emma.”

Ring-o-Blog – Adam Lambert’s Iceberg Platinum Ring From Diamond in the Rough, the stone weighs 11.97 carats. Any fan who buys it will be taking “Glam broke” to a new level!
Rocco’s Pop Revolution – Adam Lambert Captivates Rocco For 4 Minutes And 32 Seconds “”I’m not even a huge Adam Lambert fan but I just sat in a trance watching a clip of him singing “Sleepwalker” from his Glamnation DVD… I’ve never sat still for that long in my life. I literally did not move. I think he performed voodoo on me. Can that happen through the internet??”
Rolling Stone – I’m a Belieber: The 11 Greatest Superfan Communities Glamberts come in at #5, after fans of Justin Bieber, Clay Aiken, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. “Glamberts are a lot like Claymates – only with a lot of glitter and without delusions that their idol is  heterosexual. And unlike Aiken, Adam Lambert has many young fans. Some of them had never seen anything as fabulous and glitzy as Lambert until the eighth season of American Idol and instantly fell in love.”

On Top – Adam Lambert’s Bass Guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff Plans More Gay Advocacy
“I was very excited to do it. I’m amazed with how it turned out and I was floored by the reaction…I have a lot of respect for what they’re doing and will do whatever I can to help out.””

Rinnuninnu’s Blog posts scans and translations of Finnish tabloid coverage

GQ Japan – LGBT movers and shakers (scan)
– Adam is #22 in their list of “Power Gay 33” (Thanks to J_Lambs: GQ JAPAN 2011年4月号「特集:LGBTが世界を動かす THE POWER OF LGBT」記事中のTHE MOST INFLUENTAL GAY 33(世界をリードする最強パワーゲイ33人!)にADAMさん♪

The Hollywood Reporter – Boy George Talks Culture Club Reunion, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert “He came to a party I had in London and was lovely. I think he has a great voice and an incredible range. It’s phenomenal. It’s special. And I think the glam thing adds to that. It gives him an edge…”

Byron Cooke – The Posner tongue dive inspired by Adam Lambert? “Aside from his super tight band, the highlight of Mike’s Melbourne Good Vibes performance was his very “special” brand of audience interaction…and the minute I saw it play out in front of me I thought….IT’S THE FAMOUS ADAM LAMBERT TONGUE DIVE!  I’d seen it personally in Sydney at the Glam Nation Show & YOU can see it here…”

Bay Windows – So they say: Adam Lambert, John Slattery, Nicki Minaj New England’s largest GLBT newspaper takes note of Adam’s recent interview on Canada’s ET: “”[It’s] an amazing opportunity to be able to help people.” – Openly gay “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert said that his fame is a good opportunity to be a gay role model.”

Queerty – Is Adam Lambert Finally Ready To Represent The Gays? More snark and a firestorm of commentary…

Yahoo – Should Adam Lambert Tone it Down for Next Album? “Despite his being one of the most popular “American Idol” contestants in recent history, Adam Lambert‘s post “Idol” success hasn’t been what the record company, critics, or fans expected. While “For Your Entertainment” has slowly climbed to 782,000 domestic sales and over a million worldwide, it’s not the explosive multi-million sales success of “AI” alums Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. With all the controversy over Adam Lambert‘s outspokenness (on a variety of subjects) and bold displays of glam eroticism, does he need to take a step back? With a new album planned for 2011, should Adam make different choices than the ones he made with “For Your Entertainment?””

Adam in April 2011 issue of Japan’s Moviestar magazine (thanks bani)

Moviestar April '11 cover

Moviestar April '11: essellsari: @santabillie Hey girl! Have you notice your @adamlambert drawing there middle of the makeups? 😀 Cool!

Moviestar April '11

Moviestar April '11

Moviestar April '11

Moviestar April '11



@adamlambert: Bora Bora was paradise! The St Regis was top notch! I’ve never seen water sooo blue. A great escape. 🙂

Tweeted by @adamlambert: View from the villa. 😉

Photos of Adam and Sauli on jetskis (Adam-Pictures)

HQ photos at mediafire

Adam in BoraBora



Adam wants to learn about you:

1. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
2. Who are your fashion influences?
3. Whats your favorite type of food?
4. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
5. If you could have a soundtrack song for your life, what would it be?

Glam-over contest champion anjaHBIC

Glam-over contest winners picked!! Congrats to anjaHBIC, Michael and sweetonpeace. Cruise on over the the Adam Lambert Fan Club to check out the photos. They look gorgeous. We’re inspired for our next Adam Lambert concert (if we can wait that long…!!)

Adam Official Glam Nation Photos – Behind-the-scenes and on-stage photos from the Glam Nation tour (displayed, we must say, in the worst online photo gallery interface ever devised by a marketing group. Sony should be ashamed…)

Lane blogs about This Past Week

Glammy Awards: Win a Private Twitter Chat with Adam

From the Fan Club: “In honor of Adam’s Grammy nomination for best male pop vocal performance for “Whataya Want From Me,” we’re offering the chance to win a private 5 minute twitter conversation with the man himself and 250 points!

In return, we’re asking you guys to make your own Glammy award!

It should resemble the actual Grammy award but you can make it out of whatever you want – clay, popsicle sticks, rhinestones, dreams etc.

Submit a photo of your masterpiece to us and Team will pick a winner. We’ll then notify said winner and set up a time for the chat to take place.”

For further details, visit the Adam Lambert Fan Club

Contest runs from now until February 27th 2011 at midnight pacific.



Reading my on the meaning of adam lambert book at WORK..theres fantasies in it….the kids think i’m crazy with my giggling :p

LA-Story – Juneau & Xena Talk to Monte!! “Holy cow.. last week on Wednesday night, I was working late (hmm, wonder when I am not?) and realizing that Juneau and Xena were talking to Monte Pittman , Creative Director for Adam Lambert’s Glamnation tour…”

Reader Feedback for On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

Our book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is available here. Order with 10-pack of Eye of Horus  or Infinity faux tattoos and/or Eye of Horus bumper oval for extra savings!! What if all of Adam’s fans put one on their cars? Would be like a secret visual handshake for the coolest secret society…

From Adamquotedaily, photo by sarah tremblay






Monte Pittman’s Kickstarter campaign Help fund Monte’s new CD project!! Here’s a group of fans in the Midwest who are pooling resources for a Monte concert. The more fans donate, the more awesome and rocked-out he’ll be able to make it. He talks about it in this excerpt from our interview with him last week:

After Elton – The Gay-List: Your Favorite Gay and Bisexual Male Celebrities Hop over and vote for the gay entertainers, public figures and others who you love and admire.

The Grammy Foundation is auctioning Adam’s Fever shirt Auction ended Feb 24, 201114:40:01 PST. Winning bid was $9,200. We sure hope the shirt was not laundered!

Glam Nation Tour DVD Previews Released!! Fever and WWFM are now up on Adam’s VEVO Channel. Cruise on over and give it hits!! Sleepwalker is up on AOL Music at the moment.

Adam’s charity:water campaign has raised over $293,000. The campaign is running for another 7 weeks. How about getting it to a cool $300,000 this week?


From our friend in Argentina

“Adam was mentioned on TELEFE, one of the most important national TV networks in Argentina. They talked about the release of his DVD in our country. Thanks @vanglam for the link. See at 23.30 min

Here’s a home-made video:

There is a poll on their website too. This would be real IMPORTANT PROMOTION for Adam here. Could you please help us? The poll is at the bottom right and you can vote as often and as many times as you like! THANKS IN ADVANCE

Love and light from Argentina



“Crazy for You” performed by Monte Pittman and Allison Iraheta at Molly Malone’s 022111 (Suz526)

Scarlett Cherry dancing with Riff Cherry

Adam Lambert – No One Else – by Jesha84 with music by Allison Iraheta

Stars on Ice Japan Tour 2011 “Rock the Runway” (featuring ‘Strut’ by Adam Lambert) – Hmm, could use some choreographic inspiration from Brooke Wendel!

Adam Lambert’s Grammy makeup – how-to video!

Eurythmics – I Need A Man – Just cuz Annie Lenox is one of the superstar women who can show drag queens how it’s done!



Pennyroyal is releasing a new Infinity Ring!

Cover of new single release in Germany

March 22, the Glam Nation Live DVD will be released. Pre-order through Adam Official as well as through Amazon and other retailers.

The Sleepwalker single can now be pre-ordered at U.S. Amazon

And check out our Adam Lambert boutique listings!



adamlambert I miss my Glam Nation Family!!

_ninni: Scroll down this one 😉 –

adamlambert @TommyJoeRatliff let’s go get some tattoo work done this week!!! #timeforasleeve

adamlambert It’s come to my attention fans are givin’ Tommy shit. Why?? He’s my friend!

adamlambert Onstage kissing antics were ‘for your entertainment’ nothing more.

adamlambert And “fans” please refrain from judging my personal life negatively. A few of u #needtogetoneofyourown

adamlambert Change of subject. Look who I met last week! @Juliettelewis! She’s amazing!!
adamlambert And ms Miley is so fun!
adamlambert To focus on the positive: I wanna thank the majority of you for your passion, loyalty
and *sanity*! Trust me- I owe you guys the world.
alisanporter: When y’all hear aftermath you’re gonna freaaaakkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!
adamlambert LOVING Adele’s new album!!! Saaang diva!!
ArtOfKevinLewis@LaurieLovesAdam I talked to Tommy the other day, and we’re setting up a time to meet up and discuss tattoos for both Him and Adam. =)
5 Comments leave one →
  1. February 20, 2011 1:45 am

    That video “No One Else” left me with tears in my eyes, as it showcased exactly why millions of people have fallen under Adam’s spell and never wish to come out from underneath it, myself included. If anyone wishes to see that there there still is beauty left in this world, take a look at Adam Lambert; he is proof positive that beauty does in fact still exist – he is beauty in itself. Thanks so much for showing this video; I have fallen once again, in love with Adam!!

  2. enriqueme permalink
    February 20, 2011 2:15 am

    YOu are so right DeeDee. I watched the video after reading your comment, and you are right. It is evident how personal, compassionate and caring Adam is from all of the ‘hug’ clips. He really is spreading the love. Shows so much respect for him, that other’s have. The people who have been close enough to get to know him, in whatever forum.

  3. Clare. permalink
    February 20, 2011 2:51 am

    So , is this where i get to comment on thee above vid? How can any one human be so adorably cute and at the same time be sooo intelligent with his choice of words and the like? YOu know, it just blows me away at how this one person/man can invade my world with his awesome wonder

    That’s all i can say right now.

  4. glambert permalink
    February 20, 2011 11:26 am

    sooooooooooooooo hott ❤ u adam!!!!!

  5. Anne Hedonia permalink
    February 21, 2011 6:26 am

    Ellen – I very much love your inspirational portrait of Adam!

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