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Happy Birthday Adam – Fans Celebrated and Donated!!

February 1, 2011

Thank you Adamgasmic for creating this stunning piece!

by Xena

It’s difficult to avoid hyperbole when writing about Adam Lambert but I have tried to restrain myself.  There are more than enough fans who enjoy reveling in superlatives to describe Adam and his talents and to express their feelings for him, however I don’t know how much longer I can hold back and avoid some serious, over the top, descriptive language.

Glittery Voyage of the Glammed

Apollo in his chariot raised the sun in the East and as he arced west, the celebrations began.  Mercury, first in line from the Sun, brought the news while Venus shone to light the way as the  the sky darkened.  Below, clusters of  riotous sparks of fire were lit from broad smiles, sequins, lamés, goblets of fiery liquids, the glare of computer light for some, camera flashes for others.

Hong Kong got this party started in great form, as you can see in the video posted by the Kongberts!

Before we uttered the first “Happy Birthday Adam” in America, we sangHappy Birthday Riff Maxwell Cherry”!  Another sweet Aquarian joined the celebrations for his godfather’s special day, the glorious Scarlett gave birth to Riff and rumours are that Dad Lee was a bit woozy and the sympathy pains forced him to do a version of the jitterbug in the delivery room, but he managed to take photos to share with all the “aunties” and “uncles”.  His godparents should record some lullabies for Riff.


In a continuous, unbroken chain of merrymaking, Adam’s voice rang out in song, throngs were on their feet dancing while the videos played, Happy Birthday was sung and countless sugary cakes, striped, piped and colourful were enjoyed with cocktails.  The Toronto party cake was perfectly decorated and delicious.  It became my decadent dinner when combined with champagne – bubbles and sweet!

The housebound were not left out as Twitter went berserk for over twenty-four hours, threatening to crash as the sun traveled across the time zones and Adam’s birthday continued for two days.  Skype connected parties across the continent.  The photos and the videos started to appear ahead of time. Frequent announcements of the tally of donations to charity:water kept the Tweet freaks happy for hours.  Juneau?

On our radio show, we connected listeners and chat room guests to parties in Toronto, Hartford Ct., Nashville, Wisconsin, San Francisco, Texas, Ohio and callers from San Diego, Mexico and New Zealand!  The international glamily united in cyberspace. We recorded Birthday wishes for Adam and you can hear them on the podcast.

Some might describe Adam’s fans as the Maenads, the nymphs, the mad women, roaming the countryside in search of frenzied parties and boisterous satyrs where Dionysus shows us the way to a deeper understanding of spirit and feelings, through enlightened ecstasy.  Shedding all inhibition, imbibing wine, dancing, men and musical Fevers!  But we are a fickle bunch and seek the wisdom of Apollo, with whom we share a love of music on a different level, perhaps Aftermath. Like Apollo, we appreciate culture in all its forms and we need to balance the Dionysian fog of wine, with some sober logic.  We’ve seen glimpses of the ferocious Apollo, the protector. We have tempered the soaring power of feeling with the grounding influence of reason.

We assemble for revelry and for intellectual discussion and it’s almost perfect, just the way it is.  The medium matters not! As modern acolytes of technology, we have embraced each form to reach others, to hold hands, share a song or art, to sooth feelings and share praise. We are grounded, in spite of how we might appear, we know ourselves.  Shiny attire with a generous swag of jewels merely enhances the experience.  While enjoying Dionysian-like pleasures, we were fundraising.

Adam Lambert should be named a Philanthropist

This was evident when the stars aligned to create a forty-eight hour 29th of January, members of the Glamily attended parties across the globe. But that’s not even the best part of Saturday’s accomplishments – contributors made a record $115,000+ in donations to Adam’s charity: water!  Now a mere $30,000 from the goal of $290,000.

We fans know how Adam has affected people around the world, connecting individual fans to each other in communities within the Glamily and now to those who have no idea who Adam is.  They have no CD players, radios or computers. They don’t follow Idol or popular American culture.  They don’t even have clean water, but they do have a champion.

The recipients of clean water join the students whose needs Adam spotlighted, and whom fans continue to support through DonorsChoose, having made over $500,000 dollars in contributions. (Did anyone issue a media release?) When Adam’s charity: water reaches his goal, the sum of just these two efforts will be over three quarters of a million dollars.  Tell me, when Adam Lambert issued his first single, album and video?  Oh yes, fourteen months ago.  $53,000 per month, a staggering number.  Operation Platinum? More from the Glamily.

To “singing sensation, rock star, mesmerizing performer, equal rights and NOH8 supporter”,  we can add “Philanthropist” before his name.  Try it out – “Philanthropist Adam Lambert” inspires his friends and fans to support causes and campaigns when he asks them to.

He kneeled before me as I tapped my sword on each of his shoulders to dub him “Adam Lambert, Community Builder and Philanthropist”.  Okay, maybe I dreamt that part.  Drinking champagne while eating cake will produce some evocative dreams.

@adamlambert Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes and parties!!! And- We’ve reached 260k for Charity:Water!!! Amaaaaaaazing!

Toronto Party Cake – Yummy

Please post your stories, videos and photos in the comments!

Enjoy these Happy Birthday videos from around the world!

New York City fans go OTT with their birthday video!! Of course!

New Zealand fans send their birthday wishes – hysterical

Happy Birthday from Chinese Glamberts – lots of singers

Happy 29th Birthday Adam! – From Kongberts (Glamberts from Hong Kong)

Birthday Present for Adam Lambert from Russian and Ukrainian fans

Happy Birthday from Brazilian fans

Italian Fans

Polish Fans

Vietnamese Glamberts

Happy 29th B’Day Adam Lambert from Down under! (Adam’s Aussie Fans)

Birthday wishes from UK and International fans

Happy Birthday From Perú – Adam Lambert

Please post yours in the comments!

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