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Adam Lambert Week in Review – Jan. 30- Feb. 5, 2011

January 30, 2011

By Juneau and Xena, co-authors of the book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

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adamlambert Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes and parties!!! And- We’ve reached 260k for Charity:Water!!! Amaaaaaaazing!

Yes, “epic” is overused, but some occasions warrant it, and this past weekend was one of those. We squee’d over photos of Adam squiring the sunny blond Finn Sauli Koskinen around Disneyland, L.A. hip shopping street Melrose Avenue and to Cirque Berzerk (photos in last week’s WIR and below). Thousands of Tweeters hovered in the Great Waiting Room in cyberspace for news of Lee and Scarlett Cherry’s new baby boy and Adam’s god son (details and photos below). We fanned the fundraising flames and raised the charity:water total to an astonishing $250,000 – crashing the charity’s web server several times during the day. The Salon is donating $580 from our pledge drive. And then Glamberts around the globe partied, connected over our radio show, and waited for Adam’s birthday photos to start showing up on the Web. Most excitingly, one of the party attendees blogged that Adam performed a new version of “Aftermath” and said it would be released soon with revenue going to the Trevor Project.

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Radioscope Most Added Songs on NZ Radio

On Thursday 3rd February 2011, @adamlambert said: Exciting news: Releasing a revamped version of AFTERMATH. Proceeds to benefit The Trevor Project. Wait till you hear it- it’s now a hot pop dance anthem.

Friday, February 4, 2011 – 11:20 RCA Ed: Re: Is a new version of Aftermath being released? Adam tweets 2/3 “Meeting was very productive. I can’t reveal anything yet, but we’re all investigating a few different concepts discussed, but I’d put this on your obsession back-burners for a while. There’s something else we’ve been working on for much, much longer that we’d like to focus on next week, pending a few final confirmations, and don’t want this song to get lost in the shuffle.”

Examiner Matt Carter – Adam Lambert officially announces ‘Aftermath’ re-release for The Trevor Project “…the one aspect that does come as a bit of a surprise is the aforementioned transformation of the track — which most Adam fans know for being slower-placed and (in its acoustic form) powerful in its restraint.”

@adamlambert For all those who are asking, no, unfortunately I’m not performing at the Grammys. Also, I don’t think my category is televised. I AM, however, going to have a great time! 🙂

MTV – Grammy 2011 Snubs Include Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, Big Boi, Rihanna “Lambert dis might fall into the same Gaga territory, with the Academy being a bit freaked out by the singer’s out-and-proud persona and over-the-top antics…”

Examiner Katrina Wheeler – 2010 MTV Video Play Awards: Adam Lambert’s ‘WWFM’ wins gold statusAs reports, the Executive Vice President Music and Talent/Programming for MTV, Bruce Gillmer said of the awards: “the MTV Video Play Awards 2010 results demonstrate MTV’s commitment to providing the best and latest music videos to our fans around the world, as well as our unique ability to support acts on a global scale.

Examiner Renee Snyder – Adam Lambert’s third single released in Germany is “Sleepwalker” “According to the information provided by Sony Germany, the music video for Sleepwalker will be the live performance that is being used for Adam’s upcoming Glam Nation DVD (to be released soon).”

USA Today -‘American Idol’ to release 10th-anniversary compilation March 15 Twelve tracks including Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me.”

USA Today – Idols see album sales gains “the 2011 Grammy Nominees compilation took Adam Lambert highest on The Billboard 200. That set, which features Best Male Pop Vocal Performance nominee Whataya Want From Me, debuted at No. 4…”

Examiner Matt Carter – Adam Lambert already finding success with ‘Sure Fire Winners’ in New Zealand “On prominent New Zealand radio station The Edge, the song — which is the fifth single from “For Your Entertainment” in the country — started out on #20 in their countdown and has already reportedly made it up to #3 on one occasion.”

American Idol: We will be interviewing Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert on Feb. 9. Do you have questions for Adam? Post your questions at this thread.

Uh Huh Her Tour Dates Posted March 13-29, they’ll be touring the western states, from Arizona to Oregon. Catch them!! They’re terrific.

Sony Music Germany Newsletter – Sleepwalker will be released as a single on March 25 and the Glam Nation Tour Live DVD will be released on March 4 – in Germany (hope I got those European dates right…).

Adam Official – RCA Ed: Re: SONY Press release….Ref: Sleepwalker and GNT DVD… “Yes, the DVD/CD will be available for purchase from all major retailers, online and off, but AO will definitely host the initial pre-order and will be the only place to sell the super-duper-can’t-believe-what’s-included deluxe editions. I’m very excited to roll that out, let me tell you.”



What if our world’s rock stars also existed in the Pandora from Avatar? @RollingStone shows us:


Rolling Stone magazine



leecherry: Introducing: Riff Maxwell Cherry! Born 11:15am on 1/29/11. 6.2 lbs!!

Congratulations to Scarlett and Lee Cherry!! Congratulations to new god parents Adam Lambert and Alisan Porter!!

Copyright 2011 Lee Cherry

Lee Cherry holding baby Riff Maxwell Cherry

Adam and Riff, copyright 2011 Lee Cherry

Hello! Copyright 2011 Lee Cherry



We’re now over $270,000 (Feb. 3, 12PM EST)

President Obama mentioned charity:water at the National Prayer Breakfast

charitywater Signed photos from @adamlambert for $100+ donation extends until we hit $290k goal or 4/18, whichever comes first!

$250,000 raised, posted by @terra_zephead

Charity:water blog

Rockstar Weekly offers portion of sales to charity:water

Adam Lambert Inspires Record-breaking Charitable Giving

Examiner Matt Carter -Adam Lambert raises over $100,000 on birthday alone “Over the course of 24 hours, over $115,000 was donated to the cause, bringing the total to where it currently stands just under $250,000.”

Examiner Renee Snyder – Adam Lambert fans overload ‘charity: water’ website with abundant donations “In their donating frenzy, Adam’s passionate fans temporarily crashed the “charity: water” this morning, with too much activity at once – a first for charity: water.”

Sony has a special offer: Extended through January 30 now, anyone who donates $100 or more to charity:water will receive a signed exclusive photo. Knowing not everyone can afford this amount, 3 others who donate less than $100 will be picked (at random) and sent a photo as well. All donations have to be done on the 29th in order to qualify. Happy Birthday Adam! Your arm is going to get sore signing all those photos!!

rainierstar Wow, Adam has the highest donation group on Charity: water!



Adam was out to see Cavalia Wednesday night with Taylor Green, one of his Glam Nation dancers, which sparked some rumor-mongering by Perez Hilton. Could someone inform Perez that a gay man can go out to enjoy a horse show with a straight friend without its “meaning” anything? Here’s what Adam tweeted later, around 5:00PM EST today. Nice way to quash unfounded rumors Adam!

adamlambert Saw Cavalia w my buddies @IamCarmit @TaylorG90 and @tycediorio It was great!! I want to go horseback riding!!

More photos posted by Adamholic (Arigato!!)


Oh, that IS an iPhone in your pocket! XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

Birthday Party Photos

See Perez Hilton’s Post about the party here

More Party photos from Smile Lounge photobooth – A familiar cast of characters in various states of drunkeness and debauchery to put a smile on your face!

Marcusisthedrug – Tea Party For @Adamlambert … Cool! Drink recipes from Adam’s birthday party and a shot of the glittery cupcakes that were served up. Also mentions that Adam unveiled new version of “Aftermath” and will be raising money for The Trevor Project with it.

Smile Lounge

Date Nights

Just Jared – Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Grand Havana Room Visit!Adam Lambert steps out for a fun night on the town on Tuesday (February 2) at Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 29-year-old entertainer was joined by pal Sauli Koskinen, who won Finland’s version of Big Brother back in 2007!” See photo below. Read more

X17 – More photos from Adam at Grand Havana Room

Adam and Sauli at Grand Havana Room. JustJared.

Check last week’s Week in Review for more photos and links about Sauli, Adam’s friend from Finland…

On January 28, Adam attended Cirque Berzerk. Here are some photos from Cirque Berzerk’s Facebook album

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen – Everything on Sauli! – This is amusing…

And here’s a Finnish blog post with extensive photos of Sauli from Big Brother and later, modeling photos, etc. Lots of eye candy here!

Watch this trailer about Cirque Berzerk at Club Nokia in L.A.

Adam and Sauli with Cirque Berzerk members, from Cirque Berzerk Facebook album

Adam with Cirque Berzerk cast member



Huffington Post – Adam Lambert Spurs Charity:Water Giving, Breaks Donation RecordAdam Lambert hit the million-album sales mark last year and has broken records with concert attendance. But now he can add another meaningful milestone to his list of accomplishments.The story is on the front page of Huff Post (scroll down to see it). Check out the comments posted there too!

The Real Steve Gray –Adam Lambert A Godfather – Bruno Mars Cops Plea For Cocaine Bust.Mars was arrested in September at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, after a bathroom attendant ratted him out and told security there was a man in a stall doing drugs. Hope Adam wins the Grammy.

MTV Newsroom – Can Adam Lambert Top The Pack For Best Male Pop Vocal? Better Know A Grammy CategoryIt’s a toss-up, really, but Mars has the slight edge. He’s a complete package and has been nominated a bunch, which means that the entire night could swing in his favor in a big way. However, don’t be surprised if Lambert or Mayer come up from behind and end up on top.

Yahoo Music -Grammy Guide: Who’ll Win Best Pop Vocal Performance?“Lambert’s bared-soul ballad was one of the best moments on his debut album, and one heck of a vocal take. None of the other nominees come close to the acrobatics on Lambert’s track, but people haven’t exactly been lining up to get him onstage at awards shows since his AMAs debacle. “

Rocco’s Revolution – Adam Lambert Releasing New Music. AHHH! “You know what really annoys me about Adam Lambert…. the fact that he has better smokey eye makeup then I ever will. I just stopped trying.” We share your pain Rocco.

LA Music Examiner – Guitarist Monte Pittman teaches guitar to school students for Little Kids Rock “The visit comes amidst unprecedented school budget cuts forcing public school music program closures in California and nationwide.”

Celebrity Cars Blog – Adam Lambert Rocks A Mustang GT It’s a heavy news week, so…

Fuse TV – Adam Lambert Knows Exactly What You Want From Him Adam is on the homepage today. It’s linked to a rather inane article, unfortunately…

American Idol Critics – Happy Birthday, Adam Lambert!

Neon Limelight – Photos: 29 Hot Pics In Honor Of Adam Lambert’s 29th Birthday! Feast your eyes on some gorgeous photos. What are your favorites? Post them under Comments!

France's Star Mag, posted by @Flecheliott

Adam on PMR magazine cover posted by sahira z



Project Glam-Over!


“The goal is to use Adam’s music, style and persona as inspiration for a make-over. You don’t have to become a clone of the man himself though!

We all loved the idea and so we thought: YES, but let’s spice it up and give the winning entry a signed 2011 AdamLambertFans calendar!

It’s also worth noting that all valid entries will recieve 250 points just for taking part in the campaign!”

Check this Adam Lambert Fan Club page for details!

The campaign will run until February 7th at 12:00 midnight pacific standard time.



Adam’s tweet early on Thursday, Feb. 3, confirmed the rumors we had been hearing that he won’t be performing, and that the Best Male Pop Vocal awards will not be presented on the live broadcast of the Grammy’s…

The CD compilation of Grammy nominees – with Adam’s name on it – can be ordered from Amazon. Adam’s performance of Pink-penned “Whataya Want From Me” is 8th out of the 19 tracks on the CD. The album also features @theladykilla, #MichaelJackson, @LadyAntebellum, @LadyGaga feat @Beyonce, @AdamLambert

Do vote on the Fuse TV Grammy Poll – If Adam wins, he’ll get some nice promotional attention from Fuse. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson has pulled ahead at the moment.

citygirl36: Grammy seating chart if any1 is interested. Adam will be in purple (Diamond) section



“Can’t put On The Meaning of Adam Lambert down! <3” – GlamBadger

Juneau & Xena join other Adam Lambert fans to dish on new American Idol season, Simon Cowell, new governor of Alabama at US Townhall Radio

Reader Feedback for On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

Our book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is available here. Order with 10-pack of Eye of Horus  or Infinity faux tattoos and/or Eye of Horus bumper oval for extra savings!!

Glam Caravan

houstonandy We had a great party for @adamlambert b-day and raised $300 for @DonorsChoose .can’t forget those folks! @AdamLambertbook raffle was a hit!
shevysilver @AdamLambertbook congrats to you, girls, for giving us an incentive to donate again and again!
AdamLambertbook Congrats to kathleen san miguel. If you’re on twitter, let us know. You won an Eye of Horus bumper oval for putting charity:water over $250K
NJLovinLambert  We raised $1050 Saturday at Adam’s birthday party in NYC!! Holla bitches, we rock!!!



While Adam works on his next CD, we fans have our work to do, promoting Adam’s music and good works to the general public. Here are pragmatic steps fans can take.
Step 1: Subscribe to Adam’s Official YouTube Channel 

Adam is among 50 artists picked to compete for a spot on a new masthead that will be displayed on YouTube’s homepage. It’s an important opportunity to gain visibility. Adam is currently #11 and needs lots more votes. Here’s what Billboard says: “On Feb. 5, the five artists with the greatest number of points will be featured on a special YouTube masthead…As videos featured on YouTube’s homepage see significantly more traffic that others, this is great promotional placement for the winning artists.”
Step 2: Help Adam gain visibility and cred. What counts? Music purchases, the number of times his name is searched on iTunes, visits to his iTunes Ping page, and requests of his songs on your local hit music station. A few examples –

Adam has his own page on Ellen’s site. Please click and view. Ellen likes to mention video view #’s.

Request Sleepwalker for Canadian radio – (thanks to NorthernSpirit)

Vote for Adam in Shorty Awards in music, charity, for most influential on Twitter. Winners get great publicity and exposure to new audiences. Only 1 vote per person per category, so once you have voted, please urge other fans to also vote.

Do vote on the Fuse TV Grammy Poll – If Adam wins, he’ll get some nice promotional attention from Fuse. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson has pulled ahead at the moment.

Step 3: There are new fans to be converted, one by one! Go forth, with these tools in hand:  

Share this video: Adam Lambert Light and Love – It’s a very effective conversion tool!
Step 4: Reward yourself by delving into lambossessed’s cabinet of GLAM NATION WITHDRAWAL DRUGS – Warning: May cause irrecoverable loss of time.



Adam asks his fans to raise $290,000 for charity:water – 80% of the way there!! We see that fewer than 5,000 out of Adam’s hundreds of thousands of AdamOfficial, Twitter and Facebook fans have donated (and of those 5,000, we know many are multiple-givers). We hope to see more fans step up to the plate!!

Valentine’s Day Challenge – Support Adam’s charity:water or our DonorsChoose project for music in public schools and be entered to win a consultation with Jill Kirsh, color consultant to the stars.

Donate music for a good cause! Buy the FYE CD from Amazon & have them direct ship to: MusicCanCure 2900 Slater Rd. Salem, OH 44460 – for terminally ill teens. Other organizations that will gift CDs are listed by Operation Platinum

Support 1n10, an organization that helps gay youth. Fans in Phoenix are requesting items for an Adam Lambert Fan Basket to be auctioned off at the FRESH brunch to support @1n10. If you have items to donate, please contact them. Check out their post: Adam Lambert fans ROCK!

Support via Adam Lambert Dollar Bills!!

Support the NOH8 Campaign by buying photos. Here’s a gorgeous new one of Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta joins the NOH8 Campaign. Buy her photo!



Zach Wahls Speaks About Family – So powerful, watch it!

Adam Lambert Celebrates Birthday Late With His Euro Beau At Grand Havana Room (thanks lambertlust)

JONTE’ – YA RUDE! THE FREE UNDERGROUND VIDEO/MIXTAPE 2011 – Adam tweeted out this one from his friend Jonte. A bit of gender-bending, camp – is Jonte the love child of Grace Jones and Lady Gaga?

Sauli – seems like a lovely guy!

Sutan (Raja) and the sword in the stone at Disneyland

Fan Vid – Principles of Lust

DonorsChoose posted new videos to celebrate Adam’s birthday (Facebook)

Bert’s Big Adventure Child Jessi Gets A Surprise From Adam Lambert



Pennyroyal Silver has a line of Eye of Horus jewelry and Infinity earrings. Click on Limited Edition to see them.

Adam Lambert Official Store – Posters, T-shirts, jewelry, cell-phone cover, CD, belt buckle, hoodie, etc.

Check out our Adam Lambert Boutique listings for sources of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics

Nicolina Royale designs rock-star jewelry worn by Adam and many other stars



PerezHilton @adamlambert Happy birthday, boo! You share this special day with @Oprah!!! You were both destined for greatness! xoxo 

OhFerras Take him. Please! RT @MDMOLINARI:Hold on to your husband ladies ( @katyperry @adamlambert @OhFerras @JohnnyWujek )I’m looking good TOOnight!

negativeneil @adamlambert I celebrated your birthday without you last night. Still wasted 12 hrs later. Also saw the K-Pop version of Adam on TV! Pretty!

BritWoodward: Ready to celebrate the birth of the talented and glamorous fairy hooker adamlambert

Having fun in @SutanAmrull ‘s closet while she sleepith. Waiting for my Ambien to kick in. #KidInACandyStore

@adamlambert HAPPY BDAY FOXYBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@adamlambert hey birthday star! have an awesome day today! life just keeps getting better…

At @adamlambert‘s birthday party with @KatGraham. Lots of gays here! Very happy! Ha! Party is on fuego!

@adamlambert birthday party last night was super fun!

peacefrogdesign omfg DYYYYING….nice boobs whoever you are omg THEIR FACES HAHAHAHAHA
terra_zephead Terra テラLmao they locked the photos
milestougeaux Wow. Once again the Glamworld is impressive:raising over a qtr million $ for a truly humanitarian cause. Good people one and all. Cheers. 

amylizwrites @milestougeaux Fans are wondering when they will get acknowledgment from @AdamLambert about water charity success. Didn’t you teach manners? 

sutanamrull Welcome Riff Cherry your mom and dad@leecherry are surrounded with so much love. Auntie Raja can’t wait to meet you!
adamlambert “I’m not scared at all… Of the cracks in the crystal ball”
leecherry Since so many people asked..Yes, we have a PO Box: Cherry PO BOX 41712 LA, CA 90041

We’re going home today! Woohoo!!!
gracefuladam Dear @AdamLambert & fans – our President @BarackObama spoke about charity.water at National Prayer Breakfast. All things are connected.
leecherry All I have to say is Labor Of Love totally does what it’s supposed to do! LIstening to it while holding our baby is indescribable…
8 Comments leave one →
  1. Janus Janis permalink
    January 30, 2011 10:33 am

    Awesome set of pictures. Thank you so much. jj

  2. Sue permalink
    January 30, 2011 11:33 am

    I could stay on this page 4EVER!! I adore how much love 4 Adam is here, how he has inspired-SAVED … people’s sanity even.. with his beautiful voice, his rock-solid and yet gentle confidence. There is so much here to absorb… and all felt within.

    I agree with comments about how he has not only brought us a new music style, but has also brought back that originality-that passion music is truly meant to come from-and generate out.

    You really have to Get Adam to appreciate him most.. and all it takes is to pay attention.
    I think anyone can be swept into this mans spell if they let it be.

    I’m blessed to have taken this journey out of boringness.. and into The Musical, Sensual, who you are IS OKAY.. futuristic ageless era that Adam has jump started. I think that is why so many people are discovering themselves through Adam. His voice is so penetratingly beautiful. His words stick. His joy of life is addictive. And even on his worst days he is so interesting.. that we want to learn-follow his example.

    I have had to learn to not judge by what I see, but discover and hear that inner voice through what I feel. It is so easy to reject something or someone due to old habits-old and engraved norms in our society-that it’s way too easy to put ourselves aside.. and adjust like sheep.. My favorite book years ago was about a Seagull who didn’t follow the pack.. instead soared above them, ignored the lessons, gossip, rejections, and became free to be who he was. Adam showed me how to take that and really be it.

  3. buffy522 permalink
    January 30, 2011 12:48 pm

    Great pics. Love Adam’s hair and low key make-up. The eyebrows are tame! not so black and bushy. There have been so many appearances where he is full eyes, but these are yummy. Not liking the Grammy rumor! Every day I keep hoping for an announcement that he will perform and now….even worse. But I guess he will still be there and red carpet it.

  4. idolholic permalink
    January 30, 2011 5:44 pm

    Love all the great news! Thanks Xena and Juneau for keeping us all informed :0) !!!

  5. magsmagenta permalink
    January 31, 2011 4:21 am

    It was an exiting week, I was glued to Twitter too, unfortunately I live on a remote Scottish island so I couldn’t attend any of the fan parties, but Twitter made it feel like I was there.

    I will be devastated if they don’t show the presentation of the male pop vocal Award on TV, Adam needs all the promotion he can get especially here in the UK where he is still snubbed by most of the Media and BBC radio stations who favour of UK talent show contestants and publicity seeking glamour models. I was really looking forward to seeing his name and face on UK TV even if he didn’t win.

  6. enriqueme permalink
    January 31, 2011 4:55 am

    It has sure been a great week! I have enjoyed seeing Adam out and about, and seeing him dressed down has been wonderful too! I love the birthday photo’s! I have just joined twitter and I guess it was a great time to feel a part of all the festivities thru the weekend!

  7. February 3, 2011 12:33 am


  8. buffy522 permalink
    February 3, 2011 1:03 am

    Go to a Grammy site. It’s never too late. Tell them you want Adam on stage on TV preferably performing or presenting. I use this link, but you do have to log in which is easy.

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