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Juneau & Xena’s Radio Show – Memorable Adam Moments 2010

December 28, 2010

Juneau & Xena’s Radio Show Wednesday December 29th 10:00 to 11:00 pm eastern time

by Xena

On Wednesday evening we hosted an all call-in show about our favorite Adam moments.  One of our regular callers and guests, Thea joined the show part way and was masterful in co-hosting!  We talked about music, outstanding memories and more.

You have read the Top 10 Adam Lambert Moments of 2010 Juneau compiled by consensus.  Do you have others?  Moments when your heart stood still?  The time you forgot to breathe for a minute?  When you just  turned around and hugged the person next to you because you couldn’t hug Adam who was still on stage?     

For our year-end show, we invite listeners to share their most cherished Adam Lambert stories from the past year. Was there a song, a moment from a Glam Nation concert, something that happened in your life? Call in or share your story at The Salon.

 I had other profound experiences etched on my heart.  The Highline Experience in NYC was special to me for more than Adam’s  stunning groundbreaking performance, about which I have already written    ”It’s Hot in   Here”. It was there that about half of the Glambertinas met for the first time, after writing together and sharing each other’s lives for about eighteen months.  Leaning on each other in the audience that night, hearing Adam not just sing but talk to us, was truly a bonding experience for our small sisterhood.  We met other, similarly afflicted women on that floor and in the line.

We know that our readers and listeners are bursting with stories to share with the rest of us, and this is your invitation to do it.  What was a moment you’ll never forget and why?  Did something make you laugh or cry?  A surprising brush with celebrity perhaps?  A life-changing experience?

Please call-in and share your story with our listeners, however I request that you keep the “Day I met Adam the earth stood still” stories private.  Millions of  Adam-deprived fans prefer you not share those stories on the air, your avatars are hard enough to deal with.  I would appreciate your courteous consideration on this. Thank you.

Juneau & Xena\’s Radio Show Wednesday December 29th 10:00 to 11:00 pm eastern time



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  1. enriquemee permalink
    December 29, 2010 4:56 am

    So many ‘amazing moment’s’. Of course I have a long list of moment’s that I have seen on youtube etc, but the one that first pop’s into my head is from the New Zealand Glam Nation show on October 17, the song being “If I Had You” . Maybe because I got to feel Adam. Feel him in the sense of his ability to make that song so real for me. I had seen alot of footage of that song on youtube etc, but had not expected it to melt me to the floor as much as it did!
    The spoken intro, I knew off by heart before he had even began to say it! But hearing him do that little ‘message’, being able to hear it for myself, was magic! Thru that song, I felt so loved, I truely did, by my family and friends, who had supported me in my quest for Adam! My husband gave me the concert ticket for my birthday (celebrated that same week). I had travelled alone, was staying alone in a hotel and went to the concert alone) such was my need to see him. I totally felt his message. During the whole song, I sang, and jumped as I had tear’s streaming down my face! The unity in the audience was awesome (the reason I love live show’s so much) and Adam was leading us into his world of love and glitter! The enormity of that 9 minute’s was huge for me. It was as if all of my Adamizing came to a point during that song. The ‘now jump’ and jumping with him, taking the ride and jumping with the thousands of other people was awesome. I guess that is my best moment of 2010. Feeling the power and sensitivty of Adam in that show, coming to a soaring height with ‘If I Had You’. Oh, and by the way, I had not eaten for most of the day, queueing etc, and just before the show began I had remembered I had a Cherry Ripe bar in my bag!!! I ate that bar, minute’s before he took the stage, the euphoria, the sexiness! Best Cherry Ripe bar I am likely to ever enjoy!!!!

  2. enriquemee permalink
    December 29, 2010 4:57 am

    Here is the video of THAT ‘If I Had You’ performance in NZ where I cried thru it. This video has been taken just a few people from me, because it is the view I had!

  3. Tess McGinnis permalink
    December 29, 2010 5:20 am

    My admiration for Adam surged exponentially during an interview after the AMA performance, the one that began with his hands getting a slap for shocking some of America.
    To me, Adam’s handling of what could have been a disastrous interview was so deft, so impressive. I knew Adam was intelligent, quick-witted and confident, bu t was entirely blown seeing a besieged Adam handle the interviewer with such ease, finesse, charm when other lesser performers would have buckled into embarrassment or defeat. Loved the man so much for standing his ground without resorting to a hardline defense. He melted my heart such as no other besieged public figure had ever done because what Adam did so naturally with such ease was a rare show of sexiness and command in such a young man.

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