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Rock Icon Finishing School (RIFS) – The Art of Food Selection & Preparation

November 4, 2010

Excerpted from our book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

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The Art of Food Selection & Preparation (Prof. EKA). Esthetics and nature come together in the selection and preparation of food to derive the most pleasing and suggestive smell, taste and touch. The humble Avocado (from Aztec “ahuacatl”, meaning testicle tree), a fruit that is firm, yet soft and pliable to the touch when at the perfect stage of ripeness. The Asparagus – that thick, woody stalk, tapering towards the tip, a bulbous head, cooked to perfection, warm and yet retaining it’s firmness, dripping in the best organic butter. And the ripened Fig, an Italian delicacy engorged with nature’s juice, sliced open to reveal …. Oh , we will save that for class. The correct opening and eating of the Oyster, sliding its slippery goodness into the mouth of your associé gastronomique. Extra credit class in the application and enjoyment of chocolate body paint, using or course, the finest dark Chuao chocolate with a hint of lavender and dusted with gold glitter.

Professor EKA – E. Kate Adam, Master of the Quill. Bachelor of Education, Bachelor & Masters of Art, specializing in charcoal & pastel portraits of young handsome androgynous singers & musicians. Master Calligrapher and teacher of Lettering Arts and Design. Amateur Astronomer and Stargazer. Chef specializing in the locavore, back-to-the-farm movement and follower of Michael Pollan. Book diva and moderator of a 28-year Literature & Libation Club, Jazz aficionado and firm believer in the total sensuous moment combining the right food, drink, music, atmosphere, and design.

Note: Images of actual famous persons are included here in the spirit of playful tribute. No offense intended.

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  1. Susie permalink
    November 6, 2010 1:23 am

    Ahem……very, very naughty if you read carefully….well crafted, sensual lesson. I want to gorge myself with this feast.

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