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“He’s got man-hands, we can work with this!”

October 28, 2010

by Jesha84, guest blogger, reposted from her LiveJournal blog with permission

The title quote in this segment is my own, uttered as I gushed about this experience on Juneau and Xena’s radio show Wednesday, October 6th. I was unable to go into full detail about my encounter with Adam because of time constraints, so I’m sharing all there is to share here. Thanks to Juneau/Xena for the bit about the microphone stand last year!

September 18, 2010.

For most people that date has no significance. For the few thousand fortunate enough to be at Tropicana Field that night, it was the day that they saw what was, in my opinion, one of the most fun and energetic performances Adam Lambert gave on his Glam Nation Tour. For a small percentage of those thousands, it was the day they gave up sleep to get Adam’s autograph after the show. I was among them.

But for me, that date is so much more. It’s the day I got to touch the Glam Rock Sex God himself.

Ok, so maybe that’s nothing extraordinary. After all, his fansite is selling meet-and-greet packages, where for a minute or two, you are the center of his world, where he looks you in the eye and actually talks to you. You get a picture and one of those fantastic Adam Lambert hugs. I dream about those. One can clearly see that he’s never half-hearted in any affection he shows. He loves his fans, even if they are over-the-top and cross personal boundaries. Always the optimist, he calls them “passionate”. They’re given the same love as any other person he encounters. I dream of being on the receiving end of that, having him reach out and pull me close and hold me tightly in that most basic but perhaps most heart-warming gesture. I have yet to benefit from the meet-and-greet arrangement, and chances are I may never get that opportunity. I’ve accepted that it will likely pass me by; I’ve readily and happily taken the moments I’ve had to “meet” him at the barricades after shows and looked at them with the idea that if I never see him in the flesh again, I will have those times in my memory forever.

So needless to say, touching him, even though it was just his hand, was a thrill beyond words to me.

As mentioned, he came out to sign after the Tampa show, and for the first time ever, I was right up against the barricades. Breathless with excitement and trembling at the thought that he would be right there, I fumbled with my camera and began taking video. This was an experience not to be missed.

Suddenly, I panicked. What should I have him sign??? I had brought my Details and Japanese Rolling Stone magazines with me on the trip, but I had left them in the hotel room, thinking that the show is after a baseball game and where the heck would Adam come out to sign at a place like that? (Lesson learned – don’t leave ANY autographable media at home when you’re going to be in the same vicinity as Adam!) Desperate and dismayed, all I could think was, “Oh my God, Adam is going to be right in front of me and I have nothing for him to sign! No interaction? No! It can’t be!!!!” Suddenly, light appeared, brilliant and illuminating. I remembered I had the FYE cd in my purse. Hello, the book! Not my first choice for an autograph but there was no way in the world I was complaining. So I quickly pulled it out and got it ready. Yes! I have something to give to him!

Then my flailing-fangirl mind kicked in. (This is the scary obsessive part of our brains that most of us supress to keep socially acceptable boundaries. It’s the part that tells us to follow the tour buses on the highway, to find the hotel room Adam’s staying in, to jump the barricades and barrel through the security guards just to get to him.) I began thinking that this is my 2nd to last show, and I may never get this close to him again. I had this wild, outrageous, and sorely tempting idea: I HAD to try to touch him. I had to see for myself that he’s real, that he’s flesh and blood and not just a crazy gorgeous figment of an overactive imagination.

But how to do it? It couldn’t be something so obvious; I didn’t want him to think of me as a crazed fan (even though I am). Yet it had to be enough to imprint on my mind forever, something I could turn over again and again.

I formulated a plan. I was recording him going down the line with the camera in my right hand. I’m right-handed, so I knew if I switched the camera to my left, the video would be horribly shaky, so I couldn’t do that. I had to hope I was coordinated enough to hand him the book with my left, then as I was taking it back, brush my fingers against his.

He got closer and closer and my heart raced well past the breaking point. I could not believe he was going to be right in front of me, less than a foot away. I was a little mad that he was wearing sunglasses and I couldn’t see those hypnotic blue eyes. But he had on that adorable fedora and that made up for it. Trying to hold the camera steady while waching and taking in every detail, I gripped the book in my hand. My moment, my make-or-break opportunity was fast approaching. I felt my resolve wavering, questioning whether my plan was too crazy, too obsessive. Right away I told myself this was a mild display and this could be my only chance ever. Determined, I took a deep breath, readying myself.

Finally, he was RIGHT THERE; I had the insane thought that I could grab his shirt and plant a kiss on those luscious pink freckled lips. I pushed my fangirl-flailing self back into the shadows. Trembling, I held out my book to him. He took it, signed it and held it out to me. Here goes!

I reach out, stretch my fingers, and brush them against his, knuckles down to the tips, as I take the book back. Not sensual or anything – for him anyway. He probably thought it was an accident, if he noticed at all. But me…. oh my GOD!!! In that 1 second of contact a bazillion thoughts and emotions ran through me. I did it! Success!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I touched Adam Lambert!!! I tried to collect my shattered thoughts back together and could only focus on the shock of how his hands felt. I had expected his hands to be soft and sensual, since he does his nails and gets manicures. But no, they were rough, working hands, really manly. All that microphone stroking on the American Idol tour last year had made their impression. If I needed any more of a turn on, that was it!

I walked – er, floated – away from the barricade. I blew up my friends’ phones with texts and my Twitter feed probably lost followers. But I didn’t care. I didn’t care that people would think me insane and obsessive. I didn’t care. I didn’t regret my actions at all. I made my own life complete.

I’m still hoping to one day get one of those amazing hugs from him. But if that never happens, you will never hear me complain. I will always and forever have this moment to relive again and again.

This is the video I took, my moment happens at about the 1:10 mark. You can’t see it, but use your imagination! And that’s me making the little squeaking sounds afterwards. I didn’t want to scream and ruin the video. 😉

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  1. October 28, 2010 10:22 pm

    Sept. 18th, 2010 means the world to me! It was the day I finally got to be in the front row at Glam Nation. The day where I could make eye contact with Adam during the whole show and that connection made it the most amazing experience ever!

    I really enjoyed your article and I so wish for you the opportunity of a M&G. I had mine the night before (9/17/10) and it was everything you described. Warm, friendly, for two minutes those beautiful blue eye were focused on nothing but me and I got the most amazing hug ever. If anyone ever doubts that Adam truly appreciates his fans it can only be because they have not met him in person. He is absolutely wonderful!

  2. Salsa Maine permalink
    October 28, 2010 11:05 pm

    This made my night. I now have a permanant smile on my face. Thank you so much for posting this.

    My goal in 2011 is to meet Adam. I’m retiring Dec. 31st and would like to volunteer to be Tommy Joe’s understudy/stand-in for “FEVER” on Adam’s next tour. Talk about a DREAM JOB!!!!!

  3. Number8gurl permalink
    October 29, 2010 8:54 am

    Jesha, that is a great story! As I read I was smiling and nodding my head in agreement because the exact same thing happened to me!!

    My first show was in Foxwoods CT. I had brought my ‘bag of new stuff’ for Adam to sign which included an unopened CD and an unhandled RS and Details magazine. Adam rolled into town from NYC and promptly rolled out of town after the show to go to Atlantic City. There was never even an opportunity for a signing. I can’t say I blame him, if I had to choose between hanging out at a casino in bum f*ck egypt CT or Atlantic City I think I’d choose the latter as well. So that was that!

    My 2nd show was in Knoxville, TN. After the show a massive crowd gathered around the buses (there were no barricades set up). Allison came out and I got her autograph and she took a picture with my daughter. Liz, Monte, Tommy and LP were roaming around in the crowd…but no sign of Adam. Finally a roar and screams emitted from the crowd and we saw a flash of Adam as he sprinted to his bus. Security kept telling us to leave that he wasn’t coming out but nobody left. Finally Adam’s tour manager came out and informed us that he wasn’t coming out to sign….shortly thereafter a tweet from Adam confirmed it…he said he needed to sleep…so that was that…I left with no autograph 😦

    My third and final show was supposed to be Tunica, MS but unfortunate circumstances caused me to be unable to go. I was heartbroken but was not ready to give up. I scored some tickets from a friend on Twitter to the show in Atlanta the next Tuesday. I lied to my boss and told him I had a dentist appointment to get off work early and my daughter and I drove 80mph on the near 3 hour drive to Atlanta. Halfway there I screamed in dismay “Oh no!! I didn’t bring anything for Adam to sign!” My tickets were the printed out e-kind (not too sexy for an autograph)…then I remembered I had 2 of his CDs in my purse. After the show it was ‘TO THE BUSES’ we went! There were no barricades again…we stood around for a while and saw Monte, Tommy, Cam and Neil but no Adam. Finally one of Adam’s security guys came out and said they would bring Adam out if we “behaved”. Soon Adam came out and started on the other side opposite from where I was. I watched him making his way down the line thinking “this can’t be really happening”. I had my CD booklet from the UK release out and ready to be signed. Just as he was getting to me I dropped it! Luckily I retrieved it and regrouped the mere second he was to sign it. I kind of went into some kind of mental time warp at that point. He signed my CD and I brushed my finger up against his. I’m short so while he was signing all around me and above my head his ginormous hands and arms were all in my face. I remember a voice in my head telling me to lick his arm but I controlled my fangirly impulses. It was completely surreal and an experience that I will never forget!

  4. Scootersmom permalink
    October 29, 2010 8:58 am

    Seeing and hearing the excitement in everyone’s voice during this after show autograph signing, I am struck by the absolute exact love and excitement that I saw years ago when Elvis would occasionally come out of his house and sign autographs at the gate. It sounded just like this, his fans full of excitement and pure love! These two are so alike in so many ways: They both had/have a shade of blonde hair underneath the black, both wore eye liner, both had/have a heart of gold, were humble, honest, charitable, loving, both loved and honored their mothers, and each in his own way ruled/rule the world with their music!

    • Sharon permalink
      October 29, 2010 10:36 am

      I was there…and fortunately for me it was like my 11th touch…2 M&G’ in Melbourne the night before..and one in Tampa Dec be so close to him is like a dream..touching him is to die for..talking and standing next to him and hugging him is out of this world…I’ve had many touches at the buses..went to 7 Glam Nations…I went to Peoria for GNT…got armbands for edge of the stage!!!…OMG!!!!…that was UNBELIEVABLE!! Totally a fangirl..touched him when he was singing VOODOO as he went by…lots of eye contact..along with Tommy, Monte, and Terrence…I’ve had a HELL OF AN ADAM YEAR!!!! Waiting for the next tour!

    • Jenny permalink
      October 29, 2010 11:33 am

      I’ve noticed this comparison to Elvis and agree with you. I am a huge Elvis fan and this is the first time I’ve been excited by another singer. Adam has so many of Elvis’ best virtues and is technically a better singer, although Elvis had that way of putting his whole heart and soul into his singing. I love them both and think Elvis would have loved Adam, too. Sometimes I think Adam must be a reincarnation. What fun to have 2 amazing performers and special human beings in one lifetime to follow and experience. I think we have years of brilliant things coming from this young man and I plan to enjoy the ride.

  5. gale hunter permalink
    October 29, 2010 3:28 pm

    Thank you for posting this fun story. I can imagine any Adam fan who got close enough to touch him, would be bursting with excitement and joy. How nice that has happened for the writer of this essay. A moment never to be forgotten.
    Someone commented on Elvis and I also am a big fan. Saw him once long ago, at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. It is true that some of Adam’s fans have been lucky enough to love and enjoy two music icons in our lifetime.
    If I ever did get to talk to Adam, I would say “Please take very good care of yourself”. Greetings from Gale Hunter

  6. zingo permalink
    October 30, 2010 12:37 pm

    I loved reading your post! I was there that night and had the same feelings. I managed to get in the first row but it required being in line the entire night. It was so worth it. I could see the pure joy and amazement on his face as he performed for the huge audience. Everyone on the field was jumping and responding as he sang. He actually cried during Soaked. I think he was so overwhelmed by the size and diversity of the audience at a baseball game and our enthusiastic response to him.
    I was lucky enough to purchase a M & G so I met Adam before the concert. Adam looks directly into your eyes and listens intently to you as if you and what you are saying is really special and important to him. His beauty radiates from the inside to the outside. He seems too beautiful to be real but he also makes you feel like you are talking to someone you really know. My mind went blank for a second and he asked if I wanted a hug. He is so sweet! I finally after almost a year of trying had him sign my Rolling Stone. I will never forget September 18, 2010. The night I met and hugged Adam Lambert. I have my picture with him next to the framed RS poster and the signed RS magazine displayed over my fireplace. Every time I see the picture it makes me smile. Adam Lambert and me with our arms around each other! I still can’t believe it!

  7. Rose permalink
    October 31, 2010 4:12 am

    I enjoyed this story Jesha.

  8. Scootersmom permalink
    October 31, 2010 3:48 pm

    There is an ethereal light that emanates from this young man that words are unable to describe. It soakes into the life of anyone who sees him, whether in person or via video, and they feel as if they are the chosen ones, who will defend, love and admire this man forever, against any and all who would defile him. There’s no way to describe this phenom, it just IS!

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