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Rock Icon Finishing School (RIFS) – Chemistry

October 13, 2010

Excerpted from our book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

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Chemistry (Prof. S.S. Hill). Chemistry is the investigation of the properties of matter, especially changes that occur in a chemical reaction. Professor Hill will focus on the chemistry of love, specifically of pheromones. Emitted by nubile creatures, these mobile molecules waft through space and deeply penetrate their intended receptors, the perfect fit setting off waves of chemical excitement that fire up the brain in a paroxysm of desire. Pheromones are important to a variety of behaviors including mate attraction, territoriality, trail marking, danger alarms, and social recognition and regulation.  Laboratory experiments will collect data on Student’s response to pheromones. Extra credit: Apply liquid chromatography to the chemical analysis of Dior Homme.

Professor SweetSue Hill has a graduate degree in Chemistry and has been involved for many years in developing drugs to treat various eye diseases. Her interest in the chemistry of pheromones has led to her becoming a highly sought-after consultant to the global fragrance industry. Although this cannot be confirmed officially, it is rumored that Professor Hill was involved in cracking the code for the formulations for Coca Cola and Dior Homme.

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  1. Peggy Dixon permalink
    October 13, 2010 11:12 pm

    Well, I waited to see if anyone else was going to try to answer this. I am not sure but I think it is called “chiloglottone”? ( 2-Ethyl-5-propylcyclohexan-1,3-dione). Its related to Orchid Wasp/Orchid deceptive pollination. In other words a pheromone…..maybe the Orchids produce a Dior Homme wannabe??

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