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Adam Lambert Light and Love (video)

September 20, 2010

Dear Adam,

You have touched your fans’ lives profoundly, in more ways than you can ever know. We created this video to share with you some of the joy, friendship, courage and creativity you have inspired.

With deep gratitude and love, Juneau and Xena

Here is a PRWeb release about the film: Adam Lambert Liberates his Fans — Short Film Captures the Rising Star’s Impact on Peoples’ Lives

Viewers have asked about the music on this video. They are by composer Tod Machover. Here are the full mp3s and information about where to buy the CDs:

Opening music: “Flora”, from the CD Flora, with Karol Bennett, soprano.

Closing music: “Slippers Song”, from the opera VALIS, based on the autobiographical novel by Philip K. Dick. In the opera, the protagonist, “Horselover Fat”, dreams of his young friend Sophia, who has committed suicide. Her spirit appears to him and sings this farewell song (performed by Anne Azéma).

When you walk toward the dawn
You better put your slippers on
Angels guide you, there’s no need to be afraid,
All the fear behind you now, you’ve lived enough and somehow
You’ll make it through, gone’s the night;
Gone’s the night and somehow you’ll be all right.


Adam Lambert TV

Well, thank YOU (J&X) for making this wonderful video and thanks 24/7 for posting it. I cried while watching it. Adam you are the best of the best.

Thank you.. what beautiful testaments to Adam’s positive effect on people. He is an amazingly evolved human, with a golden voice and looks to match his inner being.

Just beautiful heartfelt expressions of love and adorations for Adam! There’s nothing else out there like Adam!!!

Wow sitting here crying, that was beautiful and so true. he really brought people back to life. I always say if his amazing voice and beautiful face aren’t enough on the inside he is even more!!! He is an open book , and what a book that is. He came along at the perfect time for so many of us. to go back to the AMAs what that did for those of us that already loved him i think is it made us fiercely protective of him. Love him and wish him all the happiness success and love that he deserves!!! Rema

Amazing interviews. Adam has had such a positive effect on so many people. There is no one out there in the music industry today quite like him: talent, charisma, style, intelligence. He makes you feel good about yourself and just want to be a better person. Adam has invigorated me, given me a renewed interest in music , and just inspired me to be more positive about people and life in general. He is a special individual and has the love and admiration of so many fans.

What a beautiful tribute to the young life of Adam Lambert. He has touched the lives of so many; I wish he knew that his courage and outstanding musical gifts are priceless. I wish him love always and endless joy,because that’s what he constantly gives to the world.

OMG, that is truly the first time I’ve got choked up watching a video, not crying, but definitely a lump in my throat..amazing. – HKFan

I sure hope they see that Adam watches this vid. You are right HKfan, it sure put a lump in the throat. All these young people showing Adam the love. “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE”. I think that would be a good motto for Adam to have. It is the way he expresses himself. Love you Adam forever…. – FloridaFan

I hope Adam will see this beautiful heartfelt tribute to him. It touched me so deeply and expressed some of my own feelings. He has ignited a spark that continues to brightly burn and affect us in such a positive all encompassing way. His messages of love and acceptance have empowered and inspired so many, reminding us to be kinder, more thoughtful beings. I can’t fathom anyone not loving this beautiful soul. These fans are now plugged in to Adam’s loving universe. funbunn40

I agree I hope Adam hears all these people celebrating what he has done. And folks “Broken Open” at Indio, go to Youtube and listen to it. It’s like an angel singing. There is nothing like it!


Examiner – ‘Adam Lambert Light and Love’: Film explores singers impact on world, fans VIDEO

Just amazing to hear feelings put into words that I have. I purchased “The Meaning of Adam Lambert” and read it in one sitting because it validated in writing all of the thoughts I had regarding this young man, his amazing talent, not only his beauitiful voice, but his ability to share himself with all of us in such an honest and meaningful way, and to inspire many others to reach for something better, and to be themselves. Thank you Adam for adding value and meaning to the lives of so many.

That young lady with the amazing drawing of Adam brought tears to my eyes. Adam is the most refreshing entertainer today but his message of love is bringing people from all over the world together.

I think this is a beautiful film about a beautiful person and I thank the ladies who created it. Adam has inspired me to come alive again. Thank you beautiful Adam!

Loving Adam Lambert has been the impetus for me to make several positive changes in my life. He just inspires me by the way he does his own thing. He is brave and sweet and kind and massively talented, and I hope he will be entertaining us for years and years.
Juneau Underwood’s film says most of this, and Juneau and Xena’s book, “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert”, says the rest. The way these people feel about him is the way I feel about him. Feelin’ Good, baby!


Examiner ‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert fans speak out in new web film (video)

Love the film! i can only speak for myself but Adam has my heart for life! He made me find “me” again! I love Adam!

Thank you for addressing the phenomenon of Adam Lambert’s fans with due respect, since they have been ridiculed by obvious haters elsewhere. And even more so for acknowledging the power and inspiration that Adam Lambert brings to his fans.
We fans perhaps were originally attracted by his incredible talent, physical beauty and unabashed sexuality, but that’s not enough to sustain a career. He is grounded, intelligent, loyal, respectful, kind, and sincere. Those are character traits that keep fans for life.
Finding commonality and joy in his music and joie de vivre is just a beginning. What grows from that is an ever-expanding and inclusive community of people from all walks of life, worldwide, with ages from toddlers to 90’s, all races, all genders, etc., who are inspired by his positivity towards life and want to embrace that positivity in their own. People who get that, “get” Adam Lambert. And I think you do.

I love this film, I loved the book “The Meaning of Adam Lambert” as well. I was beginning to question why as a older female I could not see or hear enough of this young performer, my desire to know more about him grew and grew , then I saw the blog that inspired the book, and ordered the book, read it in one setting, and I felt united with many others in my love for this artist. This film shows his universal appeal to all regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, or gender, he has transcended all of those distinctions, yet remains humble, generous, and giving, while those of lesser character might let all of this recognition and adoration go to their heads. I do believe Adam will stay on his rocket path to super stardom, but will retain the same strength of character and giving nature he has shown to us from the beginning, Love you Adam, best of luck, and return to us well and safe.

On Top Adam Lambert Fans Praise The Singer In New Short Film


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  1. Rebane permalink
    May 13, 2011 9:42 am

    The oft-quoted wisdom of Marianne Williamson rings true in this video:

    “We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?… as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    Adam is a perfect example of this – in finding his own marvelous self, he has inspired others to do the same. Oh no, I’m gonna cry again…

  2. Ninna permalink
    August 3, 2011 9:16 am

    This was all so powerful.. yes.. I think so,too..Adam is amazing in all the ways a human being can be..ever:))
    What a combination! I wish him all the best and I shall be the first one to buy his new album! And I know I shall love it.
    Thank you Adam
    A person from the other side of the world:)

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