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Au Revoir New England-from Xena

August 23, 2010
Posted by her regal highness, Xena Princess Warrior, co-author of Za Book

Santabillie with her drawing signed by Adam

Boston…….It’s au revoir from me as I depart the lush homestead of Juneau and her charming family! Two and four-legged kind. A magical week which began as two Glam Nation concerts and ended with four! Had already seen the show in Toronto at Wham Bam, so I’m up to five but even five is not enough!  I have to enter some contests to see about winning another, there is no other way to do it.

Loved meeting so many Adam fans, old friends and new – in lines outside, during shows inside, at the bar later – everywhere!

crowd in line at Lupo’s

A note about the interview with DJ Lisa – This was the morning after the night before at Lupo’s, with J’s infamous betrayal, so we are barely speaking and I’m a little slower than usual. Still, I’ve got my heels on after   standing for hours the night before, that’s my vain Glam Diva showing.  I had to insist that the camera not wander any closer.

I need this Glam Concert Footwear

Have been working on the next installment of my diary – did I really dance on the bar in little Cohasset? What did they put in my Irish Coffee??? Just remember – it is “Xena” who fools around, surely not the wife, mother, professional. Whatever Juneau says about this event, do not believe her!  She is always trying to get even with me for some of the Lucy antics I initiated and you don’t know half, but I will tell you the true story of  “I Want What They’re Having.”  It is an Adam-inspired life lesson.  We may not be able to show our faces there again, we seem to have scandalized the sleepy village. Did we tell you about the night we both danced on the bar in a Gay Club?

Oh yes, a highlight was interviewing the very dry and droll martini called a Monte Pittman and his straight man, vodka chaser cutie-pie Tommy Terrific.  So hard to keep a straight face with these two, fortunately no camera on us!  Okay, that is a tease, but I promise, J will have it posted shortly!

I finally discovered what my guesthouse mates were up to with their clog dancing in the middle of the night.  Turns out they have day jobs and it’s their only chance to practice.  They improved so much, I fell asleep  to the troup’s rhythmic taps in my head. I think they are rehearsing “Strut” for something special.  They might be using canes.

? fluffy cheepers

Can anyone help me identify what the little fluffy things are? They “cheep cheep” incessantly, are cheerful and cute and move en masse everywhere.  Maybe I should have joined the “farm tour” field trip with the school, instead of the Museum to see the King Tut exhibit by myself, followed by the Youth U.N. meeting.

I will share some of my anthropological observations about the New England culture.  They have some strange superstitious rituals about which I inquired as I was truly stymied about one in particular.

We’ll catch up soon! I have to go fetch some water from the well now.  I won’t tell you why, so don’t even ask. What happens in Boston stays in Boston.

Meantime, I did join the fastest growing site online – the Adam Lambert Fan Club! The last fan club I belonged to was Star Trek and that was about forty-four years ago.  I was a precocious four-year old, now a crazy more than forty-year old.

J poses with boy in matching outfit

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  1. Susie permalink
    August 23, 2010 8:43 pm

    Glad you both had such a great time!! I was at Concord, so missed seeing you in your New England spots. I heard on the radio that you are planning a 2nd book. Oh, please, I’d love to tell my story to add to the book. Please write me and let me know how to begin.

    • August 23, 2010 8:47 pm

      Hi Susie, we will be posting an announcement with information on submitting your stories on the Salon and of course as a new post, subscribers will be immediately notified! We can’t wait to hear/read everyone’s stories.

    • August 23, 2010 8:47 pm

      Stay tuned. We’ll be putting up a post on the Salon once we have the details nailed down. Soon, I hope! – J

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