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Adam Lambert Week in Review – August 1-7, 2010

August 1, 2010
by Juneau and Xena, co-authors of the book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert
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cynthilu Dear Twitter Family… It is with deep sadness that I tell you that Tommy’s father Ron Ratliff passed away yesterday morning.  Please keep Dia and Tommy in your thoughts and prayers. May he rest in peace.


INSPIRED – Take a look at this stirring montage of civil rights milestones to Adam Lambert singing A Change is Gonna Come, by The BestArts

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Pendant by Janet Kofoed


Top 10 Things to Know About Adam Lambert

Keep this link handy for the edification of the teeming masses who have not yet discovered the joy of Adam!! Tweet it, Facebook it, email it!!

This was also the inspiration for this week’s radio show (podcast). Listen up!  Invigorating insights about Adam’s appeal to African-American fans



Glam Nation Tour Central

Glam Nation Party Central – Where fans can meet up to plan and publicizes gatherings around Glam Nation concerts. Las Vegas, Providence, Hyannis – keep ‘em coming!

Check out our Calendar for the latest tour dates, television appearances, release dates.

For overseas concert updates:

NEW!! Glam Nation Fan meet and greet photo albums

Adam Lambert Official Store Posters, T-shirts, jewelry, cell-phone cover, CD. New hoodie!

Adam Lambert Hot Topic t-shirts were up on the on-line store. Slim fit T-shirt with Frontiers Magazine Lee Cherry cover image. SOLD OUT!! Hot Topic tweeted they are working feverishly to get the shirts back in stock.

Here are our favorite posts from the Glam Nation tour to date, plus the latest shows:

Nokia Theater, New York City

MGM Grand Foxwoods

930 Club, Washington DC

Nashville Ryman Auditorium

San Francisco, The Warfield

thefilmqueen videos from The Warfield

Costa Mesa, Pacific Amphitheater

San Diego, Copley Hall (cos2mwiz YouTube channel)

Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay (adamholic)

Tempe, AZ – anyone?

Albuquerque, NM, Sunshine Theater (adamholic)

Lubbock, TX, The Pavilion (MJsBigBlog)

Video from Suz526 shows crowd at Mandalay Bay and opening medley

Twin peek, posted by @monterrific

Dusty Madrid (AL in cognito), posted by @adamlambert

And these were tweeted by Sasha after the Las Vegas show – love that girl!

SashaMallory So I have a treat for u all… We took picks with dusty’s wig… Get into it

SashaMallory Here’s me lol

SashaMallory @TaylorG90 haaa

SashaMallory Terrance … Ohhh man

SashaMallory Annnnd Brooke haa

Adam leaving San Diego Symphony Hall


News Flash

@AmericanTop40: Great show this weekend! Guests include Adam Lambert and Tim Gunn!

Examiner – Adam Lambert’s ‘Whataya Want From Me’ #1 on Billboard recurrents list “”Whataya Want From Me,” has landed at the number one position on the Billboard recurrents list this week”

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert nears the top of show track sales chartAdam Lambert‘s rise in single sales isn’t just limited now to new single “If I Had You”. In the newest “American Idol” numbers released on Thursday by USA Today, both the new song and “Whataya Want From Me” posted massive double-digit gains in relation to the week before.”

‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert — is ‘True Hollywood Story’ airing in November … “Fans may have heard some rumors, reports about an upcoming True Hollywood Story airing on the E! network, and according to a new report, the show will allegedly air in November and will discuss the rise and life of the former American Idol finalist.”

Examiner: ‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert up 51% in ‘For Your Entertainment’ album sales “…if he continues to hover between 5,000 and 7,000 albums a week domestically, he could eventually reach Certified Platinum status here…”

Examiner: Adam Lambert’s ‘Whataya Want From Me’, ‘If I Had You’ remain at top of charts. “As USA Weekly reports, Lambert’s “WWFM” is #8 on the adult contemporary chart, and #9 on the hot adult contemporary chart. His most recent single, “If I Had You” is number twenty-eight on the top 40.”

If I Had You has gone gold in Australia!

IIHY is #4 on VH1 Top 20 Countdown this week

TV Examiner – Adam Lambert stays steady on airplay chart — but adds spins “According to the newest top 40 airplay numbers courtesy of Mediabase, the “American Idol” singer did manage to add 228 spins this week to finish at close to 2,000 overall in this format alone. ”

Speaks for itself: Photo of TV documentary shoot sign – posted by etharei

@UOwnMyHeartAdam said: @longineu omg so sad. He just told me he is not going oberseas w Adam and his old band is getting back together. He will finish the tour in the states. Press release will be out Monday. So heartbroken. But I wish so much success for him. He is so awesome.


Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

SashaMallory I don’t know who u are on twitter but thanks for this Something to pass my time on the bus:) really appreciate it


Our book On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is available for purchase. Order with 10-pack of Eye of Horus tattoos for extra savings!! Order 10 and we’ll ship for free and donate 25% of the proceeds to DonorsChoose!!

Reader Feedback for On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

Rich Appell interview s us on WRNJ 92.7FM – discusses Idol judge and producer shake-up and the importance of American Idol for Adam Lambert

Listen to the podcast of last week’s show, featuring Eric M and Stevie Wilson. We connected them out in Costa Mesa, and they got to meet the band and dancers, and deliver copies of our book!! Very entertaining tales and insight into team Glam Nation.

PRWeb – Adam Lambert – Social Media Phenomenon: Book authors get inside the role of social media in nurturing the singer’s passionate fan base


Press and Blog Picks

Adam Lambert adamlambert Prop 8 Overturned! I’m glad California has restored the right for ALL of its citizens to marry whoever theyplease! Equal rights are very Glam!

Seen at Prop 8 rally, photo by @MyNameIsEricM

The West Australian – CD review: Adam Lambert “Lambert banishes convention and that might just be what makes him addictive. For Your Entertainment is a debut to lift the spirits without trying to read too much into why you are happy to dance about with the blinds open.”

Examiner – Adam Lambert in Albuquerque: Excuse me Mr. Lambert, did you just blow my mind? (Photos) “I knew that Adam Lambert had an amazing voice from watching him on American Idol. I knew that he busted some over-the-top sexy moves from his performance on the American Music Awards. What I did not now was how truly incredible he is as a live performer. After last night’s Glam Nation Tour stop at Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, Glambert has been promoted from “hype” to “hot damn” for this music fan.” Excellent photos by Donna Kent.

‘America Idol’ dumps Sony aligns with UMG – “Sony…noted that past “Idol” contestants, including Underwood, Clarkson, Daughtry and Adam Lambert, remain on the Sony recording roster.”

Ke$ha Calls Adam Lambert a ‘Real Friend,’ Talks VMA Nods “”In a business full of utmost douchebaggery, I’m really lucky to have found a real friend in him,” Ke$ha adds.”

Was Adam Lambert snubbed by the MTV Video Music Award nominations? “Members of the former “American Idol” contender’s Glam Nation are ticked off that he didn’t get recognized in at least one category for videos like “If I Had You,””

Phoenix New Times: Adam Lambert Brings the Glam to Marquee Theatre Stage. “He may have looked flashy, but he delivered on the vocals, reaching the high notes his theater background has made him famous for.” Adam Lambert brings the glamour to Tempe. “Lambert kept things moving with a song that may have been the highlight of the set, a spirited “Music Again” that made the most of the singer’s upper register and featured some of the concert’s most endearingly flamboyant dance moves.

Sound Spike: Concert: Adam Lambert in Tempe, AZ. “Keeping the energy alive, he unleashed his inner Mick Jagger by strutting across the stage for “Music Again,” which was the highlight of the 90-minute set.”

MTV : Allison Iraheta Gets ‘Brotherly’ Advice From Adam Lambert “Let me just say that on the ‘Idol’ tour, I was all over the place … which is why I lost my voice every other night. But now I guess you learn,” Allison said. “I feel so much more comfortable onstage.” – Hollywood comes out in force: Celebrities paved way for the culture of gay acceptance that thrives in 2010.

The Arizona Republic – Whataya want from him?
On AMA kiss: “If anything, he meant it to be funny, Lambert says – a playful nod to David Bowie’s onstage antics with guitarist Mick Ronson in his Ziggy Stardust days…When Lambert’s appearance at Tempe’s Marquee Theatre was announced on azcentral .com in June, most comments were seasoned with harsh homophobic invective, moral outrage or the sort of gay jokes one might normally expect to hear from a middle-school bully…All this stuff goes into print and everybody goes, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you said that.’ I’m like, ‘I’m just joking.’ And then I had the people that are criticizing it, going, ‘Oh, he just did it for attention.’ I’m like, ‘Well, isn’t that what we do? Isn’t that my job?’ I’m a performer.””

The Arizona Republic – Lambert on Lady Gaga, ‘Idol’ voting

KFMB-TV Adam Lambert super fans join the “Glam Nation”
Fun interviews by San Diego television with fans of all ages, and with Monte and Tommy. No Adam, though; E! had an exclusive on Adam footage at this concert.

Glamazing Race – They’re Not All Crazy: Casual Fans at Adam Lambert Concerts
“These are the fans that leave the concert and buy Adam’s album and tell their friends about him. Don’t get me wrong–Adam definitely needs his hard-core fans. We’re the ones who vote rabidly on VH1, and call the radio stations, and buy every incarnation of Adam’s album (hey, this version comes with a shiny sticker that I really really need in my life!). But the casual fan who goes to a concert and realizes that wow, there really is something special about this guy, will remember him next year when his second album comes out…So, one concert at a time, one convert at a time, at casinos and festivals and theatres, Adam is building a large, diverse fanbase. And all of us together will help him achieve the stardom for which he is surely destined. ”

Whole lotta love for Adam — Lambert’s homecoming concert a sure fire treat for his fans “Headlining for the first time in his hometown, Lambert delivered a poised, polished performance that showcased his powerful, turbo-charged singing and charismatic stage presence. His shortcomings, which included a pronounced lack of spontaneity and the fact that he was on stage for just 63 minutes, were generally compensated for by the the impressive flair he brought to almost every note and gesture.”

Montreal Gazette – Allison Iraheta shows why American Idol matters “A matured, professionally polished Allison Iraheta strode onto the So You Think You Can Dance stage, while the judges were deliberating whom to save from this season’s crop of Dance contestants, and tore her way through a cover of D”on’t Waste the Pretty” with grrrl rocker Orianthi on guitar. She started slow and she ended fast, and by the time she finished, the crowd was on its feet, literally screaming.”


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Department of Eye Candy





“Instead of gifts, I would rather people donate to charity and show me a receipt. That would be a better gesture.” – Adam in KISS108 concert interview

Vote for If I Had You on VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown Let’s let’s get Adam back up to Number 1!

Request Adam’s WWFM and IIHY for American Top 40

Help Adam move up the charts: Buy If I Had You on iTunes and request his songs on your local hit music station!!

Vote for Top 20 spot on Sirius Radio

Vote in our Poll: Whataya Want for Adam’s Next Single?

From @Artistsupporter go rate @adamlambert’s Fever & tell them we don’t care about pronouns! It’s a hit!

Give to Adam’s Glam a Classroom campaign to support arts in the public schools!! Check out our Book Fundraiser – a fun way to celebrate Glam Nation get-togethers and raise money for this campaign!

Donate to a project in support of Foxwoods/New England GlamFans

Puja has donated a silver necklace similar to one Adam wore in the IIHY video for a Donors.Choose raffle. Details here.

Follow @roccoroyale for chance to win leather studded necklace like Adam’s on FYE – For details, enter by 8/4:

Starting today, fans ages 13-19 can vote once each day for their favorite TEEN CHOICE 2010 nominees at Here is the list of nominees to date. Adam is down for Male Artist.

MTV Poll – Who’s the hottest American Idol ever (of the guys, that is)? You know what to do!!

For UK Fans, a contest: Calling all Adam Lambert lookalikes!


Enter to win Front Row seats to MusikFest


Audio and Video Faves

Mix 94.1 FM – Las Vegas Interview – Talks about putting out acoustic album!! But for new songs, will stick to pop-rock sound – “for me started honing in on what makes me who I am…” Ring size? “It’s on the bigger side.” (Uh oh, evil thoughts rise involuntarily to mind…) Loves spinach – maybe that’s what gives him his superpowers?

In The Qube – The Adam Lambert Exclusive – We watched this a while back, but it’s fun to see it again!

Halloween charity performance video – Black and White in Glampire guise. How does he sing with those fangs? Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Halloween charity performance video- Ring of Fire

Brazilian fan jams out with If I Had You – Adam’s appeal is truly global

Oh God, this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube!!

Lady Gaga is my hero! Here she is in Arizona speaking out against SB1070. Read more about it in Rolling Stone

Pretty epic fan video – Set to Ke$ha’s Boots and Boys, with some of our all-time favorite photos and video clips of Adam – Satisfaction guaranteed!

Undercover Interview from Australian trip posted by adamholic – Adam talks about previous visit to Sydney, growing up in San Diego, performing in musicals. Female pop artists – you see choreography like what you see from Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse – time for male artists to do it. All my favorite performers are self-indulgent. “I’m not gay for a living”

Band Intro and If I Had You in Las Vegas (suz526) – the hump flashed around the Universe

104.3 San Diego Adam Lambert Interview – audio on YouTube – talks about possible new judges for American Idol

Rap-UP- Kelly Rowland Album Gone Till NovemberWonderful interview in which Rowland talks about planning a writing date with Adam. “He’s the most genuinely talented spirit I’ve seen in this industry. I love Adam and …I love how passionate and powerful he is.”

Part 1 and Part 2 ICRT Taiwan radio interview (in English, from Asian promo trip in January 2010) – fresh in-depth questions about how the music was made on American Idol and the CD.


Tweet Beat

adamlambert Vegas Baby!

adamlambert Dusty Madrid

SashaMallory waking up in Vegasss 😛 its hot as donkey balls out here… damn

SashaMallory ALRIGHT… vat vill i do first?.. pool? yes yes pool.. then take over de vorld!!! MWAHAHAHAHA… oh vegas has a strange effect on me

Lindajean139 According to Mandalay Bay they sold 4k tickets for tonights Adam Lambert concert. That’s 23k seats sold in just the last 3 concerts alone

TaylorG90 Sound Check At Mandalay Bay. Feels Like I’m On The Beach. But It’s A Fake Beach.

riley1877 Lifeguard is leading the Adam chant!

DavidImmerman Las Vegas, I love you. Tonight was amazing, one of my favorite shows I’ve ever played!

monalee62 Gay boys kissing in the pool. Love Vegas

SusieFierce It’s a perfect night. Cool breeze. Gorgeous, fun venue. Totally diverse crowd. Q3 did line survey; everyone she asked was first timer.

ravengirl57 Pregnant lady lying near us, seems like she is in labor but determined to stay for Adam.

UOwnMyHeartAdam Security guard just said bigest crowd he has ever seen. Ya go adam.

TaylorG90 New Favorite Place To Perform: Mandalay Bay! Oh Shit! Amazing Beyond Words.

GoCheeksGo What happens in Vegas…

SashaMallory My sister, mom and I in my room after the show 🙂 definitely one of our top shows so far ❤

GoCheeksGo You killed it @AdamLambert! So glad I made it! Thank you!! 😀 Xoxo

vote4adam News on Tommy’s father from @cynthilu

Ori_Addiction If you don’t have @orianthi on Rock Band buy it now!!! only $1.99

Adam is using one of @santabillie’s fab drawing as his new twitter avi – awesome and well-deserved! 🙂 @adamlambert

JeremyMadrid Ladies, you have to help me bring my brother Dusty home. He ain’t ever had no schooln to prepare him for the likes of one Adam Lambert.

TommyJoeRatliff I’m starving… I order a salad. This is what showed up to my room. WTF

NSianN  OMFG! WHAT??? FEVER by @AdamLambert is gonna be featured in a mashup on Season 2 of GLEE!!!

hooplamagnet Tentative air date for E! True Hollywood Story episode on Adam is Nov. 18 (from @GlambertLyrics who was interviewed by E! at the SD show)

adamlambert Pied piper realness

On Twitter today: Glam Nation Tour related searches on Google = 23,700,000 Gaga’s Monster Tour = 10,400,000

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  1. Annehedonia permalink
    August 1, 2010 5:18 pm

    itty bitty correction – pic w/ top hat is by Tuke18. She’s my frien’, which is the only reason I noticed… 🙂

  2. August 2, 2010 8:40 am

    I love this pendant to tears, and would feel a if I was a lot closer to Adam if I were to be able to win this, but what else do I have in do other than enlist other recruits to join us in our fun? Please let me know what else I needto do – I would love to win this necklace!

    • August 2, 2010 10:09 am

      Dear DeeDee,
      Thank you so much for wanting to support our efforts!! You could post about it on fan sites, with a link. This is probably the best link to use:
      xx J

  3. Annehedonia permalink
    August 3, 2010 11:44 pm

    Link to lots of awesome eye-candy/ great composition photos – just posted “hot off the press” from Warfield 2 by AliKat. Love my talented fellow TALC’ers – along with my talented Glambertinae!

    ~ Anne

  4. August 23, 2010 2:36 am

    Every bit of this was interesting.. But my one word question is, Why?

    • August 23, 2010 9:47 am

      Why so interesting, or why are we doing this? Both excellent questions to which we are seeking answers. That’s what our Book and this Salon are all about – when we aren’t simply flailing over the sheer sexy awesomeness of Adam Lambert… – J

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