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Adam Lambert Asked – We Answered!!

June 9, 2010

“No matter what your sexuality is, what the color of your skin is, what your religion is, how old your are we can all party together!”


For all the joy we receive from our very generous entertainer, here is our opportunity to give something back to Adam – his way. Rather than buy him gifts, Adam asked us to donate to charities and provide him with a note or receipt.

Ever since last summer, we have wanted to find a way to channel the energy and love ignited by Adam towards making positive changes in the world. We have been working on this for a while with our publisher, and are happy to announce our Book Fundraiser to raise donations for Adam’s campaign to support the arts in the public schools.

Here’s how it works: Put together a bulk order of 10 or more books ($19.95 per book), and we will donate 25% of the proceeds to We will also cover the shipping cost by standard ground rate.  (We will need to charge for express delivery.) Each book comes with an Eye of Horus faux tattoo. If you are going to a Glam Nation concert this summer, round up fellow fans to put together a bulk order, and distribute the books to them at the concert! Just make sure to plan ahead, because the free standard ground delivery takes 5-6 business days.

At the end of the tour, we will put together a list of all of the participants and send it in a beautiful note to Adam. We will also provide documentation of the donation and a balance sheet at the end of the fundraiser.


Here’s how to order:

  1. Go to the book’s online store
  2. Under “Buy the book direct” click on “Buy Now”
  3. Enter the number of books (minimum order of 10) and click on “Update Totals”
  4. Log in to PayPal, or select “Use your credit card or bank account”
  5. Select shipping method and complete your order.
  6. When you’re done, please post a Comment on this page with the names of everyone in your group who participated!!

On the economics of fundraising
Because a reader asked (see comment), we would like to explain how this works. We had to calculate a pricing formula that is financially sustainable. Our publisher and we have invested significant time and money in producing this book. We hope some day to break even. In the mean time, we want to be able to start directing a significant portion of the proceeds to charity. We also want our publisher to recoup his investment, so the 25% donation comes out of our own royalties. We are also paying for the shipping and handling cost out of pocket so that our buyers can get “free shipping”. Normally, domestic shipping is $5 per book. By ordering in bulk numbers of ten or more, we are making it possible for participants in the fundraiser to save more than $50 in shipping costs.

Yes, we would like to sell as many books as we can. We would like to save people who buy our book money. And we would like to make as big a contribution as we can to DonorsChoose. We thought we came up with a win-win-win.

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  1. shirlee permalink
    June 9, 2010 1:55 pm




    • June 9, 2010 3:30 pm

      Hi Shirlee,
      Thanks for your question. We have appended an addendum on our post above to explain the financial reasoning behind our fundraiser. Let’s be perfectly clear: people who buy the book are obtaining an item they desire at retail value, with shipping costs covered by us. The donation is coming out of our earnings. If you have a better suggestion, we would love to hear it. We’d also like to note that we have been planning this for months before Adam asked his fans to make donations.
      Juneau and Xena

      • Carter permalink
        June 20, 2010 6:50 am

        Dear Junea,
        i just ordered 3 copies on Monday – 1 for me and 2 as gifts and aslo a 10 pack of tatoos. i will try to find others who would like and benefit from this book. this fundraiser is a good and thoughtful gesure/project. Adam has given us so much – not only as an entertainer – it is so much more. so very much more. will there be a second book or something similar to it? i was at my 2nd show yesterday (Wham BAM) Front row again. We were in line at 8am – it was a long day, but so worth it! so very much worth it! My next show is Cleveland, then Erie and Montreal. i will be going to more shows as new dates are announced and tickets go on sale. I met Beta (?) from Canadiadams. I really wanted to meet you all at the Marina Grill, but i could not give up my place in line. She said she would say hello to you all from me. I hope there will be opportunities to meet everyone at the other shows.
        Thank you so very much for your daily updates. I so look forward to them. I hope your fundraiser is all and more you hoped it would be. Bless you all for this very kind and thoughful endevour. sincerely, carter

  2. E.Burt permalink
    June 9, 2010 2:28 pm

    I am sending you these articles because Kerry Kolsch is another writer that gets Adam from a different point of view. When I saw your twitters I knew I had read Kerry’s article about her intention to dissuade writers from referring to Adam as “the openly gay singer”. Did you read that too? She has written several articles about the AMA’s and of course she has written a book about the American Idol voting.

    It is an important book if you want people to stop calling Adam the “runner up”. Those folks from Arkansas have attacked this book unjustly because rather than understanding that it is about fairness for both Adam and the millions of people who voted that night they think that Kris’s title should be protected. Who cares about the title, I care more about the fact that someone as amazing as Adam was able to win a contest in spite of his orientation and that title was taken from him by an unfair means. Adam’s win would have been a proud moment for those of us who truly value equality.

    I think that admiring Adam as a beautiful, sexual and talented being is something I appreciate but I am also drawn to his impact on society which I feel is well explained by K. Kolsch.

    Stop Referring to Adam Lambert as the “Openly Gay Singer”
    By Kerry Kolsch | Published 3/28/2010

    Why Are Reporters Once Again Bringing Up Adam Lambert’s AMA Performance?

    By Kerry Kolsch | Published 6/4/2010

    How Adam Lambert Lost American Idol and Why it Still Matters

    By Kerry Kolsch | Published 4/13/2010

    • June 9, 2010 5:59 pm

      Those were my tweets last night about the continuous use of labels unrelated to Adam’s talent and his abilities as an entertainer. I read one headline too many of “runner-up” and wondered at the dearth of creativity among writers, can’t call them journalists, to come up with a different description. “Talented” “New Star” “Chart-climbing” “Sell-out Performer” “Now world famous” – I’ll stop there. And “openly gay” is the most redundant way to introduce Adam, the news is so old the paper has turned yellow. Might as well be “Ginger coloured” for it’s importance.

      We view neither of these as serious issues, just pointing out how unimaginative some people are. Today, Adam is our Purple Prince of Passion! Tomorrow maybe our King of Hearts.

      “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert” is indeed a study of the impact Adam has had on many aspects of our lives, from the broader community and society, to the very personal. That’s what our book is about and our Salon!

  3. annehedonia permalink
    June 12, 2010 5:22 am

    “Yes, we would like to sell as many books as we can. We would like to save people who buy our book money. And we would like to make as big a contribution as we can to DonorsChoose. We thought we came up with a win-win-win.”

    I think there’s at least one more “win” to be mentioned: The book’s good enough, has enough artistic merit, entertainment value, and ability to promote salon-worthy discussion that encouraging folks to buy it is promoting adding something of real value to their lives – doing them a kindness.

    …proud of you, Juneau & Xena for having faith and confidence in the worth of what you’re offering. Women often don’t – or they feel the need to “give it away for free”. But recieving fair compensation for work and talents put forth PLUS giving a measure to charity? What could be better?

    I understand that the profit margin in the book trade is pretty razor-slim anyway, after everything’s taken into consideration.

    Cheers! This is a fine idea!

  4. E.Burt permalink
    June 16, 2010 11:17 am

    When Adam is described as the “American Idol Runner Up” it is an indication that there is a dearth of creativity among writers since Adam was by far the superior talent. When Adam is called “openly gay” it is not an indication that writers are unimaginative. It is a serious issue when the norms of society are such that a person’s orientation bears mentioning. As the first openly gay singer to ever be signed to a major record deal Adam is a trailblazer. As such he is a target for both implicit and explicit homophobia. You can sexually drool over your “Purple Prince of Passion” or your “King of Hearts” but do not dismiss the struggles of the LGBT community as not “serious issues”. You make your self seem so shallow.

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