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Brave Boy

June 1, 2010

By Annehedonia


Brave Boy
May, 2010


Moment of stillness
Silent agreement with the guitarist
And then the voice
The voice
Clean-scrubbed and bare
Of a timbre and clarity
That soothes and enflames
Purity of intention
Communicates with the heart

Defeats the tangle of ancient rose
The wall of moldering stone
Brave boy
Thank you for your trust, your touch
Remote, immediate, profound’

Inspired by Adam’s acoustic performance of Whataya Want from Me on Radio Energy.

P.S. If you SHOULD happen to post the poem, please correct my (again) hideous spelling error: soothes… [not sooths] Dare I say my sub-par spelling is an homage to Adam, since he can’t spell either? No?

P.P.S. LOL Annehedonia, I’ve corrected the spelling, but love the spirit of your homage! – Juneau

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    June 1, 2010 1:08 pm

    Annehedonia I loooove this! Beautifully written and the collage by LALALAMBRIT just adds perfection to it! Just gotta add one thing to this….. LOL @ your comment on ADAM’S spelling cuz bless his sweet li’l heart—he just can’t spell tomorrow! LOL Dunno why he has such a problem with that one word! hahahaha But I do love this poem! Thanks JUNEAU for posting it! MUAH!

  2. annehedonia permalink
    June 1, 2010 10:43 pm

    LALA ~ I’m chuffed that you did more of your fabulous collages to go with the poem! (Yes, I looked in on your blog, but couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment, but then, I confess to being a bit technically challenged at times – my Achilles’ heel, along with spelling!) Anyway… Beautiful! If you should ever want to switch things up and have me try my hand at writing some verse inspired by collages you’ve done first, I’d love to try!

    Oh, and p.s.: That sigh-inducing pic of Adam next to the castle/fortress is my FAVORITE of all time! Exactly the kind of thing that forces me to write poetry. I’ve got a full-page version of it as the last page of the collected poems (and a few pictures) I’m sending to Adam. It’s been almost a year since the first one popped out, and three dozen poems later, I’m evidently still in the thrall of Adam.

    Thank you, Juneau, for posting!

  3. Circe permalink
    June 2, 2010 12:17 am

    Juneau: annehedonia’s “Brave Boy” was exquisite, accompanied perfectly by LALALAMBRIT’s lovely collages. Thank you.

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