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The Meaning of Blue – Eyes of Adam Lambert

May 4, 2010

This comment was sent to us under “Birth of a Muse” and we love the poetry so much we are giving it its own post.  Enjoy!  Thanks once again our Poet Laureate of the Salon, “annehedonia”.

I’m STILL enjoying a great read! As a matter of fact, I began at the beginning again and it’s no less entertaining (or surprising) the second time through. I’m being insomniac lately, early morning before work, but that does not explain my reading habits. The compelling nature of the writing accounts for that!

…noticed you mentioned Adam’s eyes frequently, so here’s some little “Eye Candy” for you in the form of a couple of poems. Neither is new. They were inspired by pictures, both of the “black box across the eyes to protect the innocent” nature – but the opposite of that: a rectangular panel featuring just those magnificent peepers!

This first one is the first “serious” Adam poem I tried – after posting several “funnies” on TALC & the picture that inspired it is the background for their “Welcome” page. Someone asked me for a poem that day, and I was at work, so it’s a five-minute-stare-into-space-and-crank-it-out effort:

(October, 2009)

I want to freefall
Through that bluegreen portal
That lovely gateway
To all that is
Sweet and kind and courageous
Behind the shadow
Beyond the glittering facade
Into that soul
Unique and singular
And know you
As you know yourself

Number 2… 
Another request based on a similar picture. In this one, though, Adam’s eyes appear much bluer than usual, and you can see a little patch of ginger roots right in the front of his hairline where he was in need of a raven-haired touch up. Loved that! This is what I call a “found poem”. I didn’t so much write as arrange it. Mostly, it was a listing of qualities of the color blue as described by an online company selling beads. I thought all of it applied to Adam:

The Meaning of Blue
(March 2010)

Blue iris, living orb of clarity
Emanates tenderness
Tranquility and spiritual awareness
Opens the mind to realities
Beyond the physical senses
Stimulates appreciation of music
And the arts
Wondrous, heavenly blue
Soars above us
Look to it for peace,
Hope and inspiration
Blue rules the throat chakra
Blue allows you to tell the truth

Bonus: haiku (from the same picture. Just couldn’t let those roots escape unmentioned):


Small patch of ginger
Just the right size to receive
Reassuring kiss

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  1. enriqueme permalink
    May 13, 2011 10:27 pm

    Lovely poems! And the photos to accompany are totally gorgeous! photos 1,2 and 4 are incredibly beautiful!

    • crystal bennett permalink
      May 30, 2011 3:05 pm

      hey thats is so kool

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