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Cover Schtick – Pick your favorite Idol songs

April 24, 2010

by Juneau, co-author of On the Meaning of Adam Lambert (the book)

This poll is now closed. The top three vote-getters are: Whole Lotta Love, Ring of Fire and A Change is Gonna Come.

Adam’s Glam Nation tour is fast approaching, and with only one CD under his glittery belt, he may need more songs to fill out his show. How about starting with the songs he covered – and made utterly his own – during last year’s American Idol? Vote for your favorites, and we’ll send the list of top vote-getters to Adam’s management. After you’ve voted, send a Comment to nominate other songs you would love to hear him cover on his tour.

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  1. Michael permalink
    April 28, 2010 1:57 pm

    Not quite on topic but I just heard “Can’t Let You Go”, and I came to the conclusion that, not only does he need to perform it on the tour, it sould be his fall single. Major radio play potential.

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