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Greg Hewett, Poet & Blogtalk Guest

April 12, 2010

By Xena

This Wednesday evening we are delighted to welcome poet Greg Hewett as our guest on our weekly radio show. While Greg’s third book, The Eros Conspiracy, is slim and there is plenty of white space inside, it is a rich, mind-filling read, dense with exquisite imagery, challenging messages and a story line, the arc of a letter to an unknown, unseen reader.  To put an Adam Lambert reference to the story, it reminds me of “Whattaya Want From Me” song and video, with the off-camera lover, or are we – the audience, society, the industry – the recipients of the message?

So many references seem specifically directed to me, The Eros Conspiracy could have been composed with a checklist of my interests sitting on the desk while the poet extricates themes and pulls them together in a narrative.  Random snippets of conversation introduce each poem.  

  • Ancient Greek art  
  • Philosophy
  • Socrates
  • Greek Mythology
  • Revolutionary History & Politics
  • Mao
  • Marx
  • Sexuality
  • ……and more.

Obviously I wanted you

kouros, Greek statue cliché,

secure in the perfect

myth of yourself, bald

eyes focused on eternity,

scouring the cosmos for noumena

Plato would envy, your skin warm-sand

gold, Parian marble, though cold

as the Carraran blue of Michelangelo,

you body leaning slightly, like a leaf of grass,

like you didn’t understand the consequences

of walking this scarred earth.

– From The Eros Conspiracy, by Greg Hewett

It takes time to savour each image, to appreciate the selection of words used to tell the stories and they are sweet and sour, hot and spicy, cool and breezy and while the thoughts and images are robust, adjectives are economical. Greg combines, recombines and topples over standard linear thinking – so exciting!

Can’t wait to read his new book darkacre, just out.

We are looking forward to discussing Greg’s new book, and exploring his inspirations with him on our Blogtalk radio show Wednesday, April 14th at 10:00 pm Eastern Time. Please join the conversation.

To learn more about the author, please visit Greg’s website

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  1. annehedonia permalink
    April 13, 2010 3:29 pm

    Excited about this! Have thought of Adam as a kouros, the beautiful ideal youth. Yep, this sounds good!

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