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Adam Wows Toronto 25 January 2010

February 26, 2010

Puttin’ on the Ritz – Much Music in Toronto and Prequel to Kradison NYC

by Xena

Photo Album and Media Below

Juneau and I are sending a sacrificial goatee to the Oracle at Delphi as an expression of our gratitude for providing us with the best, most beautiful and powerful Glambertinae in the Universe.  It was going to be a goat, but I recalled someone’s aversion to killing animals, so we settled on Brad Pitt’s goatee which is even better than a live Billy.  We thank the goddess of wisdom Athena and bow before the Huntress, Diana for some success in our pursuits.

Yes, I did win two tickets to the Feb 12th concert in NYC and of course, it’s only because all of you voted for NYC and many kept reminding me to vote.

Perhaps those elves who keep the naughty and nice list for Santa have decided that I completed my penitence on Monday, January 25th – fifth try, fifth fail, but getting closer to meeting Adam!

Getting to Much Music – eventually

It was a classic Xena episode, best of times/worst of times day and drama-filled.  I was trying to meet up with Glambertinae, GBA, NS and PQotD between 2 and 2:30 pm, but at 1:30 I still had my head buried in an old Air Quality report and writing about Particulate Matter 2.5 Yikes!   Finally got to the shower around 2, but we had the carpets cleaned that morning, so I had a blanket box in my bathroom and stuff everywhere, but I was happy because I was going to see Adam and the ladies!  Make-up went smoothly, managed a good-hair day, the outfit – fine. Got the copy of our book, wrote inside what Juneau and I worked out  as a birthday gift message and tried to leave. Where are my driving glasses???

I tore around the house, papers flying off my piled-high desk!  Make-up swept across the top of my dressing table, like a tsunami with so many beach huts, blood pressure rising, getting hot and flustered! Finally I decided my eyeglasses were under the massive pile on top of the bed, including about half of my shoes in a Rubbermaid container big enough to ship Brad Pitt’s goatee to Greece, along with a couple of his kids.  AHHHH!! I decide to go without.  I have my reading glasses, which are a must-have.

Head to the door in my red leather jacket, open the door – the ground is wet??! Oh great – the Burberry beige trench will have to go over, but the Ed Hardy purple fringed scarf will funk it up a bit, I hope. Umbrella- it doesn’t match! Where are my black umbrellas? boots, gloves, keys, cell phone, bag with stuff. I don’t even want to look at the clock and pretty soon I’m going to get the S.O.S. cell phone calls.

Have to stop to get nice ribbon for the book.  Gift bag.  Finally on the highway, Adam’s coming on at 5:00 and by now it’s about 3:15 – they are going to kill me!  But the traffic is so light, I’ll fly there in twenty minutes, sending messages to the goddesses who keep Glambertinae safe – please keep a parking space for me. Adam is singing me there.  He’s a good passenger, never tells me how to drive, just sings.

Get a call from Xena II – oh great, I forgot she’s downtown and I’m supposed to pick her up and take her to Much Music.  She found an interesting activity for the day, as a tourist guide to three twenty-year-old Austrian hunks, in town for only two days.  She takes them to the Art Gallery of Ontario to look at Egyptian antiquities – the King Tut show is here.  Followed that up with shopping on Queen St. at all kinds of funky shops and they ended up at a pub drinking beer. That’s my girl! From the sublime to the ridiculous in a day. I understand that the boys have been invited to stay at my house when they return to Canada.  I need a bigger house.

Momentary interlude here while I write, have iTunes on shuffle and Adam’s Cryin’ video just came on – that’s the leather Skingraft jacket he wore in Toronto on Monday, under the pinstripe suit jacket.  Nice break – it’s so different to watch these performances now – he’s not so much of a mystery anymore, yet familiarity has only deepened our feelings for him and our reaction to those performances.

Xena II ends up finding her own way to Much and called, my cell is flatlining now – talk fast!!  She spotted one of our friends and now has wrangled a position right at the front, against the barricade.  O.k., ladies, next time, we dye our hair white and blue, pierce a couple of things, wear trendy clothes and carry an expensive camera.  I think that’s her secret.  She hears the women around her buzzing and listens into their conversations about fan sites, so she turned around “Anyone here heard of Xena?” “I just ordered the book!” “I read the blog all the time” “love her” “how do you know her?” “I’m her daughter” “Really, is she coming?” “yes” “We want to meet her”.  Xena II calls again to tell me. Holy Smokes! Someone there knows Xena. I am so relieved to have my make-up and hair done, otherwise I would have to hide around the corner, or just keep driving.  I did have the pleasure to meet one of the women after everything was over – I am such a diva.  Then a couple of nights later, I got an email from another woman who is a friend of hers and she and I have met at another site – where I visit with a bunch of wonderful Canadian Adam fans.  The world is getting so small – so why have I not met Adam yet??

I’m driving around Queen Street in circles trying to find parking, “Fever” blaring, windows open – Juneau calls – phone has about 30 seconds left and will expire. FYI, I have voice activated, hands-free, blue tooth, so please don’t report me.  No eyeglasses, well that’s something else.  I will never find the women now, my eyes are worse in the dark and it’s still drizzling.  Bye J! Gotta park.


Good news – found a great parking spot, got organized and took a few deep breaths, go through the check list – gloves? Where are the gloves? Blast- it’s cold and it’s wet. I know I had them in my hand and they are my good ones. Purple suede and black leather with thin white ribbon woven across the back of the wrist. Can’t worry about it – I will “Think Warm” as I am now, officially on Fun Time, Adam Time, Glambertina Time – the best time and my hands won’t freeze.

The music is blaring around the corner, the air is dark with a confusion of lights, forcing the aperture of my eyes to rapidly open up and close down like a paparazzo snapping Adam on a red carpet.  It’s blinding and disorients me.  I walk along the road by the clump of humanity on the sidewalk, individual bodies indistinguishable from each other.  Oh yeah, no glasses.  I hope someone recognizes me and calls my name so I can hear where they are, but no luck, everyone’s face is turned toward the large garage door style opening.  Is it Macy’s Christmas window? It’s more than an hour before Adam is due.

I reach the opposite end, the east side of the crowd and manage to wedge myself into the group a little and then more people arrive and there’s no turning back now, I’ll find the Glams after, so I’ll just start a little party right here.  New friends to be made and immediately, there’s a lovely woman next to me, so I tell her that I misplaced my Adam girlfriends. “You have Adam friends?” “Yes, we went to the concerts together. Where do you live?” “Hamilton, you are so lucky, I have no one and went alone.” “You have Adam girlfriends now and will go with us!” I thought she would kiss me and that just made me appreciate even more the blessings that are my Glambertina girlfriends.

My new friend takes off a glove and her hand has the ghastly appearance of carrara marble, the poor woman is afflicted with Raynaud’s syndrome and tells me that she has to leave soon, even though Adam hasn’t even arrived.  So I grab her hand, open up my coat and jacket and shove her hand next to my ribs to warm it up.  That worked, so we did it again later and she made it to the end.

A tiny woman behind me can’t see at all, the smallish TV monitor we are trying to watch in the sliver of space between a massive speaker and the top of the door is barely visible and of course there is a seven foot behemoth, rooted to the ground and not budging – he’s so tall he can see over everyone and has a three-foot long lens on his camera.  He could shoot the moon and see the golf ball.  I let her in ahead of me and still have a view.

All the action is inside the studio, filled with the fans of a certain age – young.  The fan videos are shown, winner chosen – Adam is muse to many. We are thrilled when our Jamie-Lynne from Hamilton gets to ask a question, then presents Adam with a huge, stunning album she and her friends have made as a gift and Adam so graciously accepts. He looks at it page by page, holding the effervescent Jamie the whole time. Her joy spills over in tears as she talks about Adam’s inspiration in her decision to study film. You will make it Jamie-Lynne!! Moments like this must still surprise Adam, but we get it.

Steps into the Light

Finally, the gates to heaven lift and a radiant glow shines out – he’s coming!!! One would think that the hosts escorting him would realize that the crowd is here to see Adam and as attractive and smart as they are, they blocked our view by not remaining even a foot apart and just behind.  I barely registered his profile, a flash of white teeth. but enough candle power from him to light an airport runway to heaven.  I just now recall that TV lights bleach the colour out of complexions and we palefaces need to wear orangey make-up to look alive on camera.  Adam is obviously very fair, hence the warm coloured make-up which looks great on TV but without the blue-white light, the stills will look different, so red carpets tend to  be lined with those massive cool lights.

As I have said before, Adam’s charismatic aura glows as brightly as any I have ever seen and even now, I can close my eyes to recall two dark bodies with a bright orb of incandescent light between them.  I cannot imagine being in a confined space with him, he’s one of those beings who fills the space in which he finds himself. We can’t hear what they are saying, but watch as Adam signs CDs, magazines, photos. The moment is surreal as the lights sparkle the misty atmosphere. Adam’s eyeliner is smudged by a drop of rain, he laughs and wipes beneath his eye with a fingertip. Diva my a**. What’s the masculine equivalent? It’s Divus, so let’s keep this little act in mind for future reference.

When he withdrew and the door closed behind them – a popular but modest Prince retreating behind the curtain from his balcony facing the palace courtyard, Xena II waved her camera high in a victory wave to indicate she got some shots.  As you can see, her photos are better than my view was. She tells me later that she almost jumped the barricades again – Adam looked at her, flashed a smile and waved – she melted. One of these days, I’ll turn around and she won’t be there.

One more time he emerges for a wave and autographs!  And it’s over, but it’s different this time, I have by now, resigned myself to the fact that our meeting is not meant to happen like this.  Actually I’m relieved because the humidity flattened my hair and probably ran some of my carefully applied smoke and silver shadow, thinned out the mascara and I’m wearing the most conservative outerwear I own – it’s beige, practically government-issue. I think the lipstick survived. In spite of all this, I felt warm and happy, especially when the girlfriends found me.  And the lovely woman who ordered the book, Xena II made sure we met, shared a fleeting moment of kindled friendship and we are sure to meet again, if not in person, then on line. She was so pleased as Adam had graciously acknowledged The Canadiadams’ adorable sign with a Mountie on it.

As the crowd began to disperse, I didn’t want to leave yet, still a chance he might emerge from the building. Or, did I just want to stay enveloped in the huddle of warm humanity?  New friends made, basked a little in the Adam glow with daughter, some of my best friends forever, my gloveless hands were still warm and we all just about skipped across the street for Thai and a Saketini.  I had brought my “Talking Adam” photo, just in case I was close enough for an autograph, however the photo is getting a little woman-handled by now, having travelled hundreds of miles with me. Still, we propped him up with us for dinner, we toasted friendship and stayed until I absolutely had to leave for a conference call and it’s always too soon, isn’t it?  Hugs and kisses all around, especially to NS who had travelled so far for such a brief glimpse, but she is dedicated and kindly assembles our photo albums, including those accompanying this story.

Even Better Ending

I already told you about the email I received informing me of my win – tickets to the Kradison concert in NYC! I filled out all the paperwork and promised not to bring any maple syrup into the country, to learn the words to Stars and Stripes Forever and not use “eh” while in the U.S..  I promised to be kind and not tell New Yorkers I had come across land by dog-sled but the dogs got quarantined at the border and I had to snowshoe the rest of the way.   Nor am I to complain about how long the sun is up and wear sunglasses 24/7 because we live in darkness all winter.  I hope asking for “back” bacon’s o.k.  “Canadian” bacon? Really?

After all the form filling with nervous hands, I fire off an email to Juneau “we’re going to NYC!!”.  The phone rings – it’s her – she must have seen the email and at the moment of “hello”, I get one from her OMG! OMG! and her forwarded email  – “You have won two tickets………..!!!!!”

She hasn’t seen my email and I’m yelling – “we both won!!!! We have four tickets!”  Stunned silence at both ends.  Something is up.  I never win anything – I’m not lucky – except in love.  This is the sign we have been waiting for, maybe this time we eliminate another degree of separation. Between Adam Lambert and me, there must twelve degrees of separation.

What do you suppose was the first question I asked Juneau? “What are we going to wear? I have to shop!”

Wait – what song did Adam sing the week of February 12th 2009?  I am developing superstitious tendencies, thanking the goddesses and praying to the Universe. Dearest Glambertinae, we take this as a sign. We have turned a corner, maybe this time I will get the flesh and blood Adam’s signature on my “Talking Adam” photo.

You know how that ended, failed again, but it really doesn’t matter. I will just keep showing up, enjoying his performances, sharing the experience with so many other fans, many of whom are now fast friends.  I will continue to write as inspired and try to create a few sparks along the way. Perhaps I’ll send Adam a tweet “Whataya want from me?”

Adam spent a jam-packed few days in Toronto January 25th to 27th, where he was the “celebrity must-have” interview for Radio, TV, on-line and print media.

Our Photo Album of Adam at Much Music for MOD – photos by Xena II


Alternative viewing:

Following is a comprehensive collection of media, courtesy of our friends The Canadiadams at AO

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Proud interview *very intimate candid (talks about relationships and being gay)

Daily Fix *MuchMore with Matt Wells & Adam Lambert
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MTV funny Interview (Interviewer pays Adam with Cdn $)

Hiliarious MTV Canada’s Jessi Cruickshank interviews Adam Lambert
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Kiss 92.5 Toronto interview (video):quirky & insightful

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E-Talk Radio (Ben Mulroney interviews Adam Lambert) *Awesome
Part 1:
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5 Comments leave one →
  1. Northern Spirit permalink
    February 26, 2010 9:46 pm


    Wonderful writeup! Reading this, it was so much fun to re-live this day again, through your eyes. Even if we didn’t get to meet Adam this time, he brought us Glambertinae together once again. Such a great day it was.

  2. circe permalink
    February 27, 2010 5:20 am

    Engrossing narrative and absolutely beautiful photos. Thank you.

  3. Lorilu permalink
    February 27, 2010 3:05 pm

    Thanks for letting me re-live the Toronto moment! I’m “raynaud’s girl” and you were too sweet to help me warm up my hands!

    Love your blogs! Always entertaining!! I felt a bit sorry for the woman who said “WE” were sad sad women. I think it’s a sign of strength to find humour and excitement in life – shows we’re not taking this ride so super seriously that we can’t have fun. I’m forever being teased because of my obsession, but that’s ok, I’m having a blast and if that makes someone laugh I’m ok with it. Afterall, isn’t having fun part of the reason we are here!

    Take great care and thanks for keeping us up-to-date!!!

    • February 27, 2010 3:59 pm

      Hi Lorilu! So great to hear from you and hope you are keeping well. As you can see, you are important to my memory of that day, I was worried about my hair, but you had frozen hands – what are my priorities? And really, do we seem sad? Even waiting outside that evening, in the damp and cold we had a great time, didn’t we?

      Friendships, laughter and joy are great rewards for our “sad” obsession are they not?

      Will arrange to see you soon!


  4. March 29, 2010 9:24 pm

    Love this story! Somehow, I feel we should create a game called “Where’s Adam?” and it chronicles your adventures and serendipities through life, all the while narrowly grazing his shoulder while never meeting him head on. It really doesn’t matter as all your adventures are the fabric for a sisterhood that’s got all the answers to today’s worries and petty turbulences. Long live the Glambertinae!

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